Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Special Abilities (that it would be useful to have)

Being able to determine
the moment when oven chips
are cooked just right.
To know how far there is to fall
from any height.

To always find (first time)
the trip switch
when the lights have fused.
To understand the feelings
of a friend
who stands confused.

In busy restaurants
(as everybody's leaving)
being able to sort out the coats.
Having perfect timing when recounting jokes
or anecdotes.

When planning picnics knowing
If it's going to rain.
The knack of rescuing a bee
trapped on the window pane.

To know which racehorse is going to be a winner
and which will be a flop.
To gauge an audience reaction
when reading out a poem
and knowing when to stop.

(or keep going)


fluffy-scruffy said...

psychic abilities when crossing the road.

it's raining and you're at the crossing
you see the lights turn red
that driver's not even slowing down
does he really want you dead?


The Reporter said...

:D. Do you even talk poetry?

Roger Stevens said...

I could talk in verse, I guess,
There is always that choice.
But when I talk, I much prefer
To use my normal voice.

michael said...

Bill Badger said, "Do you suppose,
he speaks in rhyme at home?"
Rupert looked quite thoughtful
and then he picked his nose.

Roger Stevens said...

Hmmm - home and nose.
Doesn't quite work for me, that rhyme, Michael.

Anonymous said...

O.K.said Rupert with a frown
If you're gonna be pedantic
I'll ask that big Bill badger
To give your arse a kick!

michael said...

That wasn't me , honest!

Roger Stevens said...

I believe you. Of course it wasn't.
No way you'd have said that.
In fact, I'm so convinced it wasn't
If it was - I'll eat my hat.

Boomsa said...

hmm, nice. so when's the birthday?

Suhail Kassim said...

If you eat your hat
You'll gain weight anew
And become even more fat
Than the Hippo in the Zoo

Great Blog !!!

Roger Stevens said...

My birthday's next week
And what is more
I'm going to enjoy
Being one hundred and four

Amie said...

hey! you always talk in rhymes? btw nice band name.

mythalez said...

and hope u acheive a lot of fame

Anonymous said...

You have created quite a stir
and for that we gladly thank you
I wish I'd thought ahead some more
der der di dum dee plank poo...?!!?

hazel said...

okay I'll come was i.
this A NOnNY MOUSE thing brings out the worst in me.
although I think the rhyming of thank you and Plank poo to be one of my more creative efforts!

Stan said...

Blimey, how do all you Brits find the time
to be so breezy with your rhythm and rhyme?

Syl said...

Igor the Hunchback must make this statement...
in yer endeavors I see no abatement.
Banging your drum, writing a book...
tending garden, even the cook!
I dreamed, per chance, that you were flying...
chasing owls, dark trees writhing,
Winds were fierce and creatures howling...
Oh! That was just my tummy growling.
Pondering your poem of necessity...
laughter, friends, & simplicity.

Anonymous said...

Now see what you've done? You've set her off again!

Syl said...

Ha! Is that Hazel lurking about???

Amie said...

and thank you also for visiting my blog. hmmm you have quite a number of follower here. :)

Anonymous said...

We all come to touch the hem of his garment.