Thursday, September 02, 2004

Birmingham (Part 2)

A bomb scare
Hundreds of people
Men, women and children
Mill around
Watching the police cordon
No doubt hoping
To catch a shard of falling

Catch some falling glass
And put it in your pocket
Keep it for a ruined day

At last I find
A piece of Birmingham
I recognise
The road in front of New Street Station
Appears to still be there
A patch of wall
Shyly hides behind the signs
A new arcade swanks
Leads the traveller on
And through and all around the maze
Give thanks and praise
For Birmingham

I sit in Starbucks
Gulp my latte
Where forever there will always be
A tiny corner of a foreign land
That is the USA
The waiter says,
You’re not wrong. Yes, they’re paper cups
Real cups go missing at the rate of ten a day
Why oh why?
I do not understand


michael said...

I suppose this could be said for most big modern cities. I have'nt been to one yet that I've liked very much!
hazel and archie are just out to buy some football boots as he might need them for PE. seems like a waste of money to me as Archie doesnt really enjoy football that much.
Got the Floss cover design finished, just need to get it printed up. Will go monday and get it sorted.

Syl said...

Agree...somehow when we return to place, it's never quite as big or wonderful as it once seemed. May be exceptions, but that's been my experience. Loses so much of it's charm. By the way, how is your new season at school, Roger?

Roger Stevens said...

I do like the new Bull Ring. It's a temple to consumerism and big architecture. It's got a wonderful Selfridges.

School visits haven't started yet. It starts going crazy in October.