Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Excuse me. Don’t I know you?

Last night was band rehearsal night. We practice in a studio near King’s Cross Station. Jill was in Nottingham yesterday but had to travel down to stay in a hotel for meetings in London today. As St Pancreas is next door to King’s Cross we thought we’d meet up for a coffee and a snack.
But her trains were running “up to two hours late” and I didn’t want to leave too early, because Judy would be on her own. So in the end we deemed it impractical.
I left for the city at my usual time but my train was also late. Half an hour waiting on Robertsbridge station eating blackberries and wondering if the train would ever arrive. The guard said that it had to use a different station at Hastings because there was a wheelchair on board (!?) and then they had to sort out some carriages and that took twice as long as planned.
So I arrived in King's Cross ten minutes late for the rehearsal. And as I walked out of the tube station - who should I see walking towards me?

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michael said...

A lucky day for you then ,apart from the trains. As you rehearse can you hear them whistle? Just found a great alternate take of "Click, Clack" by Captain Beefheart on the Oddio Overplay site - just put in LINKS.Thats about trains too. Lots of good bluesy train songs- do you play any with your band?