Monday, September 13, 2004

Wild Mushroom Risotto

This was one mouth-watering mother of a meal, even if I do say so myself. I think I need to cook it again before it’s ready for sharing though. So it might be a while before the recipe turns up in Jolly Roger’s Blog Recipes.
Anyway – I was washing the rice and I kept finding ants amongst the grains. We are often visited by ants, being in the country and all. It took ages to remove them. The water sloshing through the colander and another little black body turning up. I noticed them last time I cooked the rice too.
Jill appeared and I showed her. They’re not ants, she said. They are some other kind of insect. A weevil? She looked at the packet. The rice is crawling with them, she said. And it was. We’ll have to take it back to Sainsbury’s, she said.
She then she checked the cupboard to see if any had escaped.
And… you guessed it. Invasion of the Rice Weevils.
The cupboard where we keep the rice, pasta and flour was crawling with the little blighters. They were everywhere.
So while I cooked the wild mushroom risotto, Jill emptied the cupboard, threw out about half its contents and dealt with the unwelcome guests.
I hope there’s no one from the Rice Weevil Appreciation Society reading this. If there is I can only apologise for having dealt with them in such a definite manner. But if vegetarians come to supper and you serve them with a vegetarian lasagne that turns out to have meat in it. Well!
Although I’m not sure… is an insect meat? Or is it a bit like fish?
Do vegetarians ever say - “We’re vegetarians, although we do eat fish and insects…”


Syl said...

Hah...get rid of the little varmits, I say...not the meat of choice

Syl said...

OK, she sniffing 'round...knows something good is about to happen...oh, he throws the bone and then says...Nope...gotta wait. Arggggghhhh!

michael said...

When I worked at the health food shop in London we sometimes used to find varmints in the rice and pulses etc. moths and grubs, weevils and creepy crawlies. Sometimes disgruntled customers would bring back bags of rice with weevils and we'd havethe hide it under the counter quick before the health & saftey inspector got wind of it and closed the shop! The chap from Bugsquad came once a month to set traps for them.(not the disgruntled customers) We had mice too but not in the bags of rice thankfully!

Jaded said...

I never understood the point of being a vegitarian. One once told me that they don't eat anything alive. I said "Neither do I. I make sure my food is good and dead first" after all plants are alive. Then they said nothing that feels pain, but there were several studies involiving plants and elctrodes that prove plants do feel pain. But as for the bugs, the only really good way to keep them out is to keep your grains and such in plastic containers or in the freezer.

michael said...

I call myself a vegetarian but I must admit ~i do cheat a little and eat fish now and again. I didnt become a vegetarian because I thought animals got a raw deal but because i thought I'd be a healthier and happier person. It works to some degree but I eat far too much carbohydrates and sugary stuff like cakes and bisuits and crisps etc. I have put on two stone over the last 5 years and put it down to leaving my job in the health food shop- not just the yummy food but all the stairs I had to run up and down each day!