Friday, May 31, 2013

No Ordinary Person

And should you see her
Walking up the road
Braced against the cold sea breeze
In her sensible black coat and scarf of pink
And her hat with ear flaps
You might not think that she was special
And she might nod, or smile
And that shaft of sunlight
Striking the shingle, like a jewel
Could be coincidence

And should you meet her in the library
You might not spare a second glance
But you might share an idle conversation
That turns to bookish things
And you might just begin to understand
The well of her knowledge

And should you mention, maybe on the bus
Or on Polling day, the plight of the poor,
The disadvantaged, the sick, the greed of the rich
You might be touched by her rage
And passion for justice

And should you see her with her family
You would wish for such a loving person
In your family too

And should you marry her
Why, you would simply think yourself
The luckiest man alive

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


There is a hole
In the space around me
You can’t see it
But it goes everywhere with me
It’s Border Collie shaped
And it doesn’t come when it’s called

For it’s just a hole
It’s empty
And it’s not called Judy

Monday, May 27, 2013


Am only
A fly

Am I

All I want
Is a little food
A mate
Some warmth
Some love

I am not selfish
Like the mosquito
After your blood

Or aggressive
Like the wasp
In a bad mood

Or secretive
Like the beetle
Destroying wood

And so I ask
Do you persecute me?

Am only
A little fly





Friday, May 24, 2013

If I Were a Carpenter

If I were a carpenter
And you were a lady
Would you marry me anyway
Would you have my baby?

If I were an accountant
And you were an MP
I would add up your figures
And be amazed at your fiscal policy

If you were a fire officer
And I were a clown
And I had climbed a wonky tower of mirth
Would you help me down?

If I was a referee
And you were a Chelsea Chick
I’d never whistle you offside
And I’d award you a free kick

If I were a sailor
And you were the ocean blue
I’d dive into the water
And grow fins for you

If I was an Arctic explorer
And you were a painter
I’d build you an igloo
And we’d brave the long winter

I were a firework
Would your oohs!!!  be so loud
As I burst in the night sky
You would drown out the crowd

If I were a lady
And you were a carpenter
Would you carve me a necklace
With your heart in the centre?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Something is Happening and I Know What it Is

You are my bright-eyed lady of the low lands
You rescued me from Desolation Row
You were, you are! the answer when the winds they are blowing

For you were, you are! a vision, singing around the Joanna
My tambourine woman
In your brand new leopard-skin Flit Flop shoes

So absolutely sweet, baby, I never did have to think twice
I never look back
For you never give me
Those subterranean homesick blues

Monday, May 13, 2013


We are the pumpkinseeds
Dressed in silver and yellow and blue
The fashion models of the sea
Preening on the cat-fish-walk
We hang cool
We are not grey and drab
Like the chubby chub or green crab
Who wish they were us

As you probably know
Are beautiful flowers
That grow on the shimmering moon
And scatter their seeds
Into the ocean home

Even our name
Is rather beautiful

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Canadian Black Bear

And at the lay-by where you stopped to dine
On M & Ms. Got stroppy just because
There were none left. They wonder why the sign
Says Bears. Beware! You think it’s obvious.
For one, you’re big. Five hundred pounds of power.
For two, you’re tough. For three - you have to eat.
You open screw-top tins. You scour the tip
But pickings there are slim. You stroll down Main Street
Flick the door latch of a house. You wander through
And grab what takes your fancy. Back on the road
A parked car offers tit bits. And you do
A little dance. You like to work the crowd.
But just remind them that you can’t be bought
When M&Ms run out – your temper’s short.