Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sad and Disappointed

When I’m that close to promotion but my best mate’s made the boss
When a sea breeze hits the seaside and steals my candy floss
When the woman I was wooing says she couldn’t give a toss
I get sad and disappointed and just a little cross

When the rice burns on the bottom and the cheddar turns out mild
When the kitchen needs re-wiring and it’s just been newly tiled
When the internet connection’s not the one my PC dialled
I get sad and disappointed
And just a little riled

When the rhythm of my writing’s interrupted or disturbed
By a masked man with a comma and a intransitive verb
Or my passion for a parentheses has been unfairly curbed
I get sad and disappointed
And sometimes quite perturbed

When the elements of our first kiss cannot be recreated
When I wait and no one shows despite the way my breath is baited
When I slide on to the dance floor and my steps are out of dated
I get sad and disappointed
And a tad infuriated

When I’m De Niro’s understudy but never make the stage
When my eloquent soliloquy stays rooted to the page
When I feel I’m getting younger but I’ve nearly reached old age
I get sad and disappointed
And a lesser form of rage

When you wave your magic wand and you lift the witch’s curse
When you say Let’s play at hospitals and you’ll be the night nurse
When you tell me that you love me in a neatly crafted verse
I’m never sad or disappointed
In fact, quite the reverse


Roger Stevens said...

You can now post comments on this site if you're not a fully-fledged blogger. Hope to pick up a few passers by.

michael said...

Sorry, it's just me again. A lovely bit of versifying - is that prOper word or have i just meade it up? meade it up? Blimey, new words just flying off the ends of my fingers tonight! maybe I should go and watch soemthing dull and tedious on the telly. so many "fly on the wall" docs on these days about extremely dull people and some really obnoxious people too.
Anyway, now I've cast off my Victor Meldrew personna and will tell you about my exciting day at the boot sales we went to- when the drizzle stopped. Amazed that anybody was out but lo and behold- 3 big lines of cars in verdin park. I didnt find much though just a record of soundtrack of the film Oh! What A Lovely Wart directed by Richard Tin Borough. Not really all that great but has some versions of old musical songs like Hang Out the Washing On the Seigfried Line and Were Gonna Put The Keibosh On the Keiser etc. Also an old 1963 copy of the Beezer Book for Archie - will put it away for his birthday. Hazel got a few metal things- a barrel tap, curly brass coat hooks etc. I found her an Allenbury's Pastille tin of uncertain vintaGE.
Afterwards went to another near the Anderton Boat lift but they were packing up time we got there. Audrey came too. Then to LIDL for groceries and cheap CD-R's. This afternoon I did some reading of the sunday papers and looked at the free CD-ROM that came with it.made a spinach bake with roast potatoes, griplets, chuves and suede. Will play with new printer, scanner, copier tomorrow when I am on my own and can read the 165 page manual that goes with it!

Jaded said...

That was lovely. Lovely is my new favorite word by the way. Great rhyme scheme.

fluffy-scruffy said...

hi, i'm both a blogger and a passer by.

passer by in the sense that i decided to see if there was anyone else that might have any common interests with me. i randomly picked fargo out of my favourite movies section and you were one of the names that came up.
i've read hallowe'en and this post, i like them both and so plan to read more of your posts.

my blog's not so interesting (true, it has only just started) but if it's going to be anything like my livejournal it'll mostly be rants and ramblings with added pictures.

it's nice to meet you (in the web sense)
*take care*

Boomsa said...

so very wonderful, roger.

Leviathan said...

I like it! Very much like verse three. But then again, I'm a child of the rythm and a sucker for big words. Still, if I like it, I like it and thats all i have to worry about. Keep those words rolling, take us over like a flash flood.

Anonymous said...

never knew rants could be conveyed so well. Would you mind if I posted your poem on my blog(with your name of course)? *pretty pretty please with a cherry on the top*

Roger Stevens said...

What blog would that be, then, anonymous?

Ed Giecek said...

Your poem sing'zZ well (to the tune of "With God On Our Side") by the way!

(Now'z the time for your tears!)

The Reporter said...

Ah, not a blog to rave about, but a blog that likes good poetry quite often these days.

Would have given the link to your page, which I will of course, but people seldom like linking again :).

michael said...

A pirate could have a blog called

Roger Stevens said...

A useful suggestion should a pirate ever visit this blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ahahhhaaarrgh! A fine fettle of blog oil be bound! "Tis a scurvy swab who writes with such grittle! Belay there , me hearties and throw me that spitoon. I've just sailed the frothy Cappachino Sea and us shipmates be a gurglin' for our grog! arrgahhah!

Roger Stevens said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Roger Stevens said...

Well shiver my timbers. A pirate!!!
I wonder if he is thinking of starting a blog and wants a good name for it...?

Leviathan said...

Arghhhh... Well shiver me timbers and make me walk the plank! Tis' a piratical display to be sure to be sure...