Friday, September 24, 2004


Darren’s got a pumpkin
Hollowed out a treat
He put it in the window
It scared half the street

I wish I had a pumpkin
But I’ve not and it’s a shame
I’ve got a scary carrot
But it’s not the same

From The Monster That Ate the Universe
(Macmillan Children's Books)


michael said...

I"ve got a scary carrot too but I'd rather not talk about it!

michael said...

In Finland we noticed they combine elements of Easter and Halloween which seemed very odd, like the eggs with witches on and black cats on! They still have bunnies and chicks running around pulling eggs on carts etc. Perhaps on All Hallows Eve they carve a face into a big boiled egg?

Ed Giecek said...

If a pumpkin could be scarry
why not a carrot, too?
Nice thing about a carrot is
it will fit inside a shoe

When I run down the street naked
With a carrot in my shoe
I scare just about everyone
Wouldn't it scare you?

michael said...

Yes, it certainly would Ed. Look, here's those nice men with your special medicine.

hazel said...

True Stories.......
When I was little mom didn't buy pumpkins...
but she ran the Brownie group I was in and instead she got us ALL to carve a scary hollowed-out potatoe at halloween..these are not renowned for their orange glow and totally missed the point..they smelt good though....
I didn't even realise until much later in life that it was a meant to be a wonder I turned out like I did!
Carrots would have been better...but tricky to carve.

michael said...

And quite hard to get a candle inside probably, unless it was one of them little birthday cake candles.

Roger Stevens said...

Or a giant carrot...

michael said...

But if you had such a monstrous vegetable you'd be getting it stuffed and mounted and sold to Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum surely?