Friday, September 24, 2004

They Put a Man on the Moon

Not a bad week as weeks go. Friday’s here and the wandering Jill returns. This week she’s been in Nottingham and Oxford. She should be back around lunchtime. Hooray!!!

I finished the first draft of my children’s novel – The Comic Café. Still a fair bit of work to do on it – but the hard bit’s done. When that’s finished I can get back to my teenage poems that accompany The Mighty Molecules CD. Still not totally sure of the name. I still haven’t figured out how to get the tracks from the computer to the CD either. When I’ve done that James can start work on the lead guitar. Still need to find someone to sing them.

Had good rehearsal Monday with Damn Right. A couple of gigs coming up. All’s damn right with the world.

Bad news this week. Steven Gerrard injured. Catastrophic for Liverpool FC who’ve made a good start under their new manager, and bad news for England, too. He’ll miss the next two European qualifiers.

Read more of The Da Vinci Code. Gripping stuff. I wonder just how much of it is based on fact?
I think the moon landing was definitely a hoax. There was a programme about it on Channel 5 this week. I thought the evidence was pretty overwhelming. No stars in the photos. Flag fluttering in the breeze. No blast crater. What do you think?

From my office window I can see the tractor ploughing the big field opposite. Thirty or more seagulls following it. It reminds me of that hymn we always sang at church and school. You know the one. Lovely tune – but difficult to sing I always thought.

Just had a call from Jill. I thought she'd be on the train by now, heading homewards. But she's still in Oxford, apparantly. Buying a pair of shoes.

Hey ho.


hazel said...

I think the moon landing was an elaborate hoax too.
Did you listen to the new Hitch-hikers Guide To the Galaxy?
Buying shoes- now that's something I can relate to!
Well done on the childrens novel. Hope you iron out all the creases soon.

Roger Stevens said...

Missed it. Blast!

archie said...

You can use the "listen again" doodah at the beeb website or i could send it ona CD-R if you like?
Not sure about the moon landing - didnt see the documentary. Why would they go to such lengths to fool everyone in the world? Surely the Russians would have spotted something going on? Its just another of those urban miffs!

michael said...

That was me not Archie ofcourse.Forgot to change blogs. i've just been putting some pics on his blog for him as he doesnt seem bothered at the moment.He's out on his bike with rosemary and christpher, gathering ye conkers or running little old ladies over I expect. i geta garbled walkie-talkie message every now and again. Some naughty girls are getting on the same wavelength and blowing kisses at him. Roger. Over and out.

Ed Giecek said...

Yes, by golly, they did put a man on the moon!

Wot I wanna know is when are they gonna put a woman on the moon?

How'zZ about it, Hazel? You can be the first! Heck, I'll even supply the beer for yer landing party! And not that warm stuff you blokes drink neither! Ice cold Rainier ...and a pretzel too.

Mugg'z away!

michael said...

I vote we put George W. Bush on the moon - somewhere he can't do much damage. Blair can be his co-pilot.

Ed Giecek said...

Hopefully King George the II will be a bad memory after this fall's election!

michael said...

King George the who??