Monday, January 17, 2011

A Million Tons of Junk

Look at all that stuff!

Without electricity
It’s nothing but
A million tons of junk

Like me without you

But when you flip my switch
I am cathode rays
Neon signs
Humming radios
Radar blips
Torch lights
City lights
The cries and shouts
And wails and hurrahs
Of Fender guitars
Of bands in bars
I am transformed
By your loving

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Good Shape

I Circle you
Like picnic bears
And cuddle you
All night
Triangle you
(Each corner
A space filled
With delight)
I Oblong you
My obligation’s
Elongate and sure
I Square you
To my conscience
And consciousness
And more
I Diamond you
You’re priceless
Your Star shape
Cannot fall
You’re my sweet
And sexy Hexy shape
But I Heart you
Most of all

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

You’ll Be Here

When the ice is as thick
as an ice-maiden’s shtick
and the sky is as grey
as Sam Beckett’s lost playand
the wind is as keen
as a miser is mean
and the winter’s as deep
as philosopher’s sleep,
you’ll be here for the ride
with a smile as wide and as warm
as a schoolgirls’ dorm
with a cuddle as close
as warm, buttered toast,
with a laugh as out loud
as a sky without cloud,
with a love as intense
as the sky is immense:
you’ll be here by my side