Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stuffed Animals

Dead and cold
In the back bedroom
That was always damp
Dad probably swapped them
For a tuppenny blue
Or found them
In a house he was demolishing
Maybe in its loft
The glass case jammed beneath a beam
Gathering dust
A squirrel, a crow?
I can’t remember now.
I was probably seven or eight.
I think there was a badger.

I wonder where they are now.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Twenty Five Years

Twenty five years
That pass in a nod
In a wink
Whizz by in the blink of an eye
Quicker than drinking
Before you can think

Twenty five years
Jammed to the rafters
With boxes of laughter
And crates of adventures
And loving hugs crammed into corners
and crevices
Shoved down the backs of sofas
And hoarded in cupboards
In nooks and in crannies
Momentos and memories
And even the kitchen sink
Is filled with flowers long gone
Black-eyed Suzies and yellow roses
But their perfume and colours
still lingering on.

Twenty five years
Who would have expected
The fun and the joy
To have lasted so long?
The stories we made, the music
We played, the melody still going strong

Twenty five years
And the past grows and grows
And each month overflows, and each day spills
Into the next like a song you can’t lose
Showtime of new shoes,
Tears in the shade
But fun in the sun when you ain’t got the blues
Such a shame that the memories fade
But the game carries on
New memories made
Our marriage just doesn’t feel old
Twenty five years, we’ve the silver
Now the thrill of going for gold

Monday, September 01, 2014

This Week I Like Cats

This week I like cats
I gather them and mould all around me
To the shape of cat
Cat plant holders
Cat towel rails
It’s an all-embracing cat experience
I line the walls with cat paintings
And the mantelpiece with cat figurines
And re-post hilarious cat videos
And cute kitten videos on Face Book

I worship the constellation Orion
And conjure ancient Egyptian Gods
I wear a cat-emblazoned tee shirt
And Siamese cats peek from my socks
A Persian cat sparkles in my naval
This week I like cats

Next week I will be liking frogs

Friday, August 29, 2014

Listening Through My Separator

Travelling along Forest Ridge
Also known as the Winged Eel’s Tail
Sometimes called The Devil’s Bridge
Or the Dandelion Moonlight Trail
Often called the Pancake Trap
Also the Valley of Old Tin Cans
Where the chrome-winged bone crows flap
And Ant Man Bee makes jagged plans
I am listening to Trout Mask Replica
On the border of the Land of Frown
Listening through my separator

I think I need a lie down

Monday, August 18, 2014


Silver, a metal of mystery
Spun by the light of the moon
Not brash like gold
That’s spun in the sun
All heat and fire
An unsubtle metal
Soft and so easily unshaped
And undone

No, silver
Suggestive of rivers
Flowing into a midnight lake
Of clandestine meetings in forests
Of lovers impatient
For that first kiss
Of the magical light
That just before dawn
Grants you a wish

Oh, and smiling
Lots of smiling

And all of the love you can take

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who Do You Think I Am?

(For Liz Brownlee)

Who do you think I am?
The Fount of all Knowledge?
The Fountain of Wisdom?
The Tap of General Information?
The Well of Understanding?
The Stop-Cock of Interminable Trivia?
The Spigot of Specific Information?

Who do you think I am, anyway?
The Spume of Curious Coincidences?
The Spring of Eternal Hope?
The Geyser of Self-Consciousness?
The Waterfall of Disappointment?
The Gutter of Good Intentions?
The Hydrant of Poetic Gentrification?

Who the hell do you think I am?
The Faucet of Unreliable Narrative?
The Hose of Sesquipedalian Verbosities?
The Storm Drain of Gushing Sentiment?
The Standpipe of Cloying Sediment?
The Spout of Poetic Declamations?

The Drainpipe of Dithering Ineptitude?

Friday, June 06, 2014

The All-Smiling Man

I am the all-smiling man
I am smiling for you, the trees
You are losing your leaves
and withered winter branches
I am smiling for the last leaf

I am smiling for you, the clouds
covering the blue sky like similes
or with slate grey metaphors
I am smiling for the last cloud
as it wisps beneath the departing moon

I am smiling for you, the stars
the final stars of a false dawn
And for the morning star

 And I am smiling for you, the new sun
I am the all-smiling man