Friday, September 10, 2004

The Contest Dream

There was a contest involving a whole crowd of people. It was at college, but nowhere I’d ever been before. It involved travel, too – a bit like a treasure hunt – going to other countries. It was a very long and complicated dream but one part was this:
I was given a small brown ticket. On it was written the name of a film that I had to watch. There was a different film on every night and I wasn’t sure of the date. It was a short experimental film called La Bath Dernier – a classic black and white film in which a man sits fully-clothed in an old enamel bath. Under the bath is a gas ring which gradually heats the water.
So I went to the cinema but there was a different film on. The cinema was a corrugated hut, full of people talking in French. I sat back in my seat to watch. It was called Le Express. Another grainy black and white film by Alfred Hitchcock.
I didn’t really watch the film, though, because I was more interested in an exhibition of sets from the film. These consisted of small rooms with shelves full of objects. The doors were narrow and arranged in such a way that when the train passed you caught a very quick glimpse of the inside of the room.


michael said...

Old Alfred H. gets around doesn't he? I bet he directs lots of dreams all over the place with sets by Salvador Dali! Well they used to call Hollywood the Dream Factory didn't they?Or was that Fords?

Syl said...

You have the strangest dreams! But then most are...a mixed salad of distorted events.

Roger Stevens said...

I guess that's okay when the events are plain and simple things like lettuces and cress but when events get to be spring onions or tomatoes or even beetroot, then things get tricky. Add a complicated vinaigrette and... well... who knows where you'll wake up in the morning?

Syl said...

Indigestion=nightmare? Sauced by the vinaigrette...happens all the time.