Monday, September 13, 2004

It’s Rock and Roll, That’s All

One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
And Four to go
Back to the car
To get your glasses
To be able to read
The programme notes…


Syl said...

Red toes tapping...clika clika clik...let's rock,

michael said...

What kind of self respecting Rock 'n' Roll show would have programme notes?

Roger Stevens said...

Fred "Slowguitar" Hornbeam and the Rocking Chairs.

The first set was brilliant and the second set was okay, but the drummer fell asleep half way through
their definitive version of Layla.

The drinks in the interval were good too. I had a Horlicks and Jily had a Milo.

Who says Rock is dead?

michael said...

I can't tell sometimes if you're making it all up Roger!? Fred Hornbean and the whaaaattt??????? No they can't be a real band surely (don't call me Shirley)?

Roger Stevens said...

It can sometimes be difficult distinguishing between fact and fantasy.

If it helps - the support band was called Nigel Elms and the Swinging Pendulums. Rubbish songs but they were very good at keeping time.

michael said...

What's a Milo?