Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Must keep my mind active
Seven times seven
Forty nine
Convert thirty seven pounds sixty
To Euros
If the exchange rate is 6.78
Think of new ways
To describe the sky
Recall details of the past
Aged nine and three quarters
Not the hot summer
Wandering the brickfields
Under a blue-handkerchief sky
On a mission
Kicking up pebble footballs
Sliding down dusty paths
Following trails… but
What was I wearing?
Where did I keep my clothes?
There was no wardrobe in my room.
Didn’t kids have wardrobes then?
Must keep my mind active
Calculate the exact distance
From the centre of France
To here
From here to Super U
From here to La Châtre
From here to the waning moon
From here to the waxing legs
Of the universe

Must keep my mind active
Eight times nine
Hang my trousers on the line
Active! That’s the thing.
Must keep active


michael said...

" the waxing legs of the universe" that's a lovely image!

Roger Stevens said...

Thank you.

Hey, I just worked out how to put a picture on my profile. It was a bit complicated - in that I had to put it on my website first - on a secret page.

It was taken in Tunisia this year. Was it this year or last? Time goes by so quickly.

Keeping active. That's the thing.

Boomsa said...

ooh. lovely.

michael said...

Nice photo. I still havent figured out how to do mine. probabaly just as well!
Yeah, just keep movin' all the time. Harder to hit!

Ed Giecek said...

I've got my American stilt'zZ and am ready to shove 'em.

Nice photo Roger... Can't quite make out the radio though. Must be in yer back pocket, huh?

7 time 7 is .... yes! It izz 49! Granpaw will be so glad to hear about it. He'z been stuck on 48 for 17 years now.

Granny'z in a fit about it, too.

I knew a guy once that kept his mind so busy that he didn't have time to think straight.

Word'zZ of wizdom.

Always go for the double 16 out if possible.

Mug'zZ away. (ed)

Roger Stevens said...

Ed, I am the radio.
In the picture I am in Aerial pose - trying to pick up a local station.

michael said...

It looks like you are trying to hold up those shorts by invisible wires attached to your fingers?

hazel said...

Or maybe just holding up the sky incase it falls into the sea.

Roger Stevens said...

The sea's a long way away. The picture was taken in the middle of a dried up salt lake. Absolutely nothing to be seen in any direction. Desolate or what?

Anonymous said...

Except maybe, some salt?

Roger Stevens said...

Ah yes. Lots and lots of salt. Couldn't move for the some.