Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Looking for Bears on the Rocky Mountaineer

(Jasper to Kamloops - August 2012)

As the sun starts to rise
We rub sleep from our eyes
And we check-in our luggage with care
We wave Jasper farewell
What stories we’ll tell
Of the day that we spotted a bear.

As the train pulls away
And the carriages sway
There’s a definite buzz in the air
Sure, the Rockies are cool
And the trees in the fall
Are real neat. But we want to see bear.

Our guide* says black bears
Like to hang around moose
Though the truth is that moose are quite rare
So far we’ve seen trees
And Jill saw some bees**
But we’re hoping that soon we’ll see bear

We glimpsed a black dog
And a duck in a bog
And a rock that was shaped like a hare***
And passing Mount Cheadle
The tracks of a weasel****
But sadly, as yet, not a bear

By Pyramid Falls
Where the bald eagle calls
And the mosses that that grow are quite rare
Said our guide, “Yesterday
A bear came out to play
And posed for some photos.” Oh yeah?

There’s a man! By the track!
He waves, we wave back
And we laugh like we haven’t a care
And there are trees, and more trees
Trees, trees and yes… trees
But we’d quite like a glimpse of a bear

We’re approaching Kamloops
Where the bald eagle swoops
But of one thing you should be aware
We’ve seen many great things
With legs***** and with wings
But we haven’t seen one blessed… wait!
Is it? Yes… no…. yes… No… 
It's not a bear.******

* Brandi
** Well, one bee actually
*** Very amusing!
**** Not actually true. I used my poetic licence here
***** Not a great line. Because birds also have legs, obviously
****** It was a black bin bag.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Where the Road Runs Out

We are as far north as the road runs
In Ontario

In a house by the water
In Red Lake

Granite sky, cold breeze blowing in
From the West

Collars up, winter clothes ready
Paper birches, leaves turning gold

And the gold seam below us
In the Canadian Shield

Now the lake clears its throat
Waiting to sing the big freeze

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Three Small Stones

(for Mindful Writing Day 2012)


Last year's fig tree
leans over the new wall.
Next year - figs!


Dark grey sky
Cold wet wind
Mid afternoon
and a rook heads home early


It's a natural process
but my mind complicates it.
The lawn.
Moss versus Grass