Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Race in Provence

Each step I take
on the dried-out grass
releases a dozen grasshoppers
like a starting gun
in the run-every-way-at-once race.


I am the clouds
rising from the volcanic basin.
I am the shadows
racing the Doré
as it ambles north.
I am the hills
woven with pines and mist.
I am the dart of lizards
chasing flies on hot stone walls.
I am the jazzy full of coffee
and the dry
of last night's red wine.
I am the rumble
of log-laden trucks
in the sub-zero winter.
I am the listener
to tales of home
on the balcony
above the half-tamed garden
of cherry trees
and hard mountain soil.

Friday, August 12, 2005

We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday.

Yes the words of that great Cliff Richard classic ring in my ears as we prepare for our Summer Holiday. We’re off tomorrow – heading for central France for a couple of weeks to stay with Jill’s folks and then further South for a week in Provence. Whilst there I will be mainly eating drinking, playing Scrabble and writing. I’ve some work to do on a children’s novel, a few other ideas to polish up and I might get started on a sit com. And of course some poems.

Meanwhile my first blog anniversary passed and I missed it. I’d hoped to do a bit of blogging this week but for some reason I never found the time. I looked everywhere for the time but it obviously didn’t want to be found. Sometimes time just likes to hide, have a bit of fun. Sometimes it meets up with Tide and they wait for a man. But, to be honest, that’s quite a rare occurrence.

A year on the blog, eh? Who’d have thought it. Maybe I have to make a new blog year’s resolution. To be a better blogger? To blog more often? To give more and visit other people’s blogs more regularly. Any of you out there with a year or more blog experience? What would your blog resolution be I wonder?

Well, just time to visit a few blog regulars, see what they been up to in the last week. Then off to bed. We leave around midday. We’ve three lots of people coming to look after the house, look after Judy the aged Border Collie and to water the tomatoes and courgettes. Back in three weeks time – the beginning of September.

Au Revoir