Thursday, May 18, 2006

Crazy May

Still haven't had a chance to visit everyone's blogs. I wonder what everyone's up to. I'm still rushing around like a fly with a blue bottom. Still haven't posted any new poems. Written lots though - just haven't had time to redraft them. Hey ho.

And we're off to Brussels first thing in the morning - to the Jazz Festival. Nice. We have to get up at a really silly time. Ten to five in the morning. Not so nice.

Ah well. It's just a crazy May. Things will get back to normal in June I dare say. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Good Intentions

I laid a few slabs in the Good Intentions road this week. Didn't get to do any blogging. Sorry blogging pals. Just trying to catch up on admin. I used to get more done when I had a proper job before I was a poet. Hey ho!

Tomorrow we're going on a cruise. Heading across the Bay of Biscay down to Lisbon in Portugal. I'm doing some poetry shows for kids on board. Should be fun.

Meanwhile we're trying to find a name for the new children's book out next year. The last two were - I Did Not Eat the Goldfish and The Monster That Ate the Universe. So something slightly wacky - which would appeal to 7-12 year olds - would be good. Current front runner is Why Otters Don't Wear Socks. If your idea gets chosen I'll give you an acknowledgement in the book and a free copy. Well, you can't say fairer than that.

Best go now. Up early in the morning. See you when I get back. Peace and love.