Monday, September 06, 2004

Wanted. Your Favourite Dylan Tracks.

I'm putting together a compilation of Bob Dylan tracks for a friend of mine. And I wondered...
what would be your top five choices? And what would be your favourite more obscure Dylan song?


michael said...

An impossible task considering the wealth of wonderful songs available! But heres some off the top of my head-
My first Bob Dylan album bought in the 60's was Freewheelin' which I still think is fantastic, so two songs from that.

The Girl From the North Country

Corrina Corrina

Then from Times They Are a Changin' I would choose-

Boots Of Spanish leather

And from my second favourite Bob Dyaln album/s
Blonde On Blonde i would choose

One of Us Must Know

Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

or maybe

Most Likely You Go Your Way & I'll Go Mine//?

or then a again..........

michael said...

O and most obscure wiould probably be.....errrrrr....

Not Dark yet

Syl said...

wow, hard one there...from the rolling thunder revue maybe "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You"..."I Shall Be Released" is a classic...from Planet Waves maybe "You Angel YOU"...or "Forever Young"...more recently the Time Out Of Mind CD with "Not Dark Yet". And from Nahvill Skyline has to be "Girl From The North Country". Just a few of my fav's. :-)