Friday, October 01, 2004

Here Comes Crazy October

Friday, and the weekend approaches. Not to mention the month of October.
October is going to be frenetic. School visits start in earnest. Three next week, five the following week, and three the week after that. And Jill is off to the States on business for a week and a bit.
She leaves early Tuesday morning, which is, at it happens, my birthday. I’m hoping for the George Harrison Dark Horse boxed set. I’ve a couple of the albums on vinyl but none on CD. I do have the George Harrison tribute that Eric Clapton put together on DVD. Magic!
Then there’s band rehearsal on Mondays and the Creative Writing Class I run on Tuesdays.
Plus several writing deadlines. Today I was hoping to finish the children’s story that I’ve been working on all summer. But it’s still not quite there.
And what news of the Mighty Molecules project? My teenage “lead singer” tells me that he likes the songs but doesn’t think it sounds anything like the music that a teenage band would make. Not surprising really, considering my age. How would someone who’s knocking on 103 (104 next Tuesday) know what a teenage band sounds like? So I’m having a bit of a re-think. In fact, I may well start recording it all again. Hey ho.
But – the weekend first. Lots of relaxation is called for. Saturday morning quiz in bed, a stroll (brisk) in the country, Match of the Day in the evening. And Sunday – much the same. Just got back from a stroll now, in fact, on which we found a dead badger and a dead squirrel. Some distance apart I might add. Country life, eh?


michael said...

Young whippersnapper! What do they know about anything? Wait 'til they get to 104 and see how they like it! Grumble! Grouch!Mumblewumblebrurble etc.
I didn't know George had a boxed set of dark horse material out.What does it consist of? I missed all that stuff. I have All Things Must Pass and a couple of other lps. and his last one. I dont have any LPs by Ringo - funny that?
I loved the Eric Clapton tribute concert too. Some really heart felt versions of Georges wonderful songs. He was vastly under-rated as a song writer in Paul and Johns shadow all the time. I must remember to send you a birthday card.
Whats this quiz in bed then? Do you have to guess whats for breakfast or is it more racey than that?

fluffy-scruffy said...

what, was he hoping that it'd sound like something busted would do?!?! (not that i've heard your music for this to be able to compare)

(')(') typical teenage pop music, way too scary to think about right now!

good luck.

enjoy your weekend, i work saturdays, but i've got sunday off. yay, housework! can't complain really, my room, my mess.

*take care*

James said...

George was my favorite Beatle of all of them. He should have been the last one to go. Ah well. Not sure if you know this movie or not, but being from England you have a better chance than most americans...but Harrison produce a wonderful movie called "Withnail and I" if you've never seen it, pick yourself up a copy...Buy it if you have to, you will definitely want to own it. ;)
-The Reverend Maniac

michael said...

A great film - saw it on DVD recently and it still made me laugh. George helped produce some great films like Monty Pythons Life of Brian and almost single handedly financed the british film industry through the 70's and 80's. If only the mediorcre pop stars of today had such savvy!

Roger Stevens said...

I don't think George was underrated as a songwriter, he was just standing in a gigantic shadow. The box set includes all the albums he made on his own label, basically all the albums after All Things Must Pass.
They are a bit patchy, but, as you would expect, contain many gems.

Withnail and I, James - brilliant film.

Regarding our Saturday morning quiz - not at all racy I'm afraid. I'll post up some sample questions. They come from The Guardian. We only have one newspaper a week - and that's it. Mainly for the book review.

Anonymous said...

How utterly disapointing! The quiz is so easy it makes me laugh, you silly english person! I fart in your general direction!

Stan said...

Roger, I'm really enjoying your stuff. Hope you don't mind, I put a link to your site on mine.

Roger Stevens said...

Link away. The more the merrier.