Tuesday, November 30, 2004


We climb the soulful streets
Of Vejer
Cobbles and dust
And pause by the tight-lipped church
Golden-studded gate of bare-necked wood
The dusty walls hold long forgotten tales
The gabble and the chuckle
Of the market in the square
The dark portraits of the corbijata
The women from Vejer with half a veil
And behind the white walls' glare
Glimpses of hidden gardens


Amie said...

You’re a poet and a good one at that. Just curious what can you say about what T.S. Eliot’s words…"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion,but an escape fr emotion;it is not the expression of personality,but an escape fr personality..."?

Stan said...

Very lovely portrait of an old tight-lipped but gossipy town.

Jaded said...

As usual your poetry is breath-taking. I adore it.

Roger Stevens said...

Well, I think what TS Eliot said sounds very nice. But I think poetry is in fact another facet of emotion, and another way to express emotion. Similarly personality. But not all poetry is about emotion. Poetry is more about the intellect I'd have thought. And for examples of intellectual poetry - look no further than TS Eliot.

Syl said...

I love the line...
the gabble and the chuckle
in the market on the square.
It's the familiar, cozy sound
of places we often wander.

Amie said...

point taken! thanks for the reply!