Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Country Roads Two

The gig went well – and it was a swell party. I hoped to have a picture to post but my camera let me down. The flash just isn’t strong enough. Hopefully I’ll be getting a few pictures from other party goers so I’ll be able to put a picture up then. No more band rehearsals now until the New Year.

This week some writing. Hurrah! On Thursday my last school visit followed by a trip to Nottingham for Jill’s works party – have to wear a dinner jacket for that – oh my. Then a free run to Christmas.

Which means it’s time to buy Christmas presents.
So – here’s the question. What Christmas present would you really like? What would make your year?

And what present are you really looking forward to giving someone else?

(What do you mean you don’t yet know? It is almost December for goodness sake.)


Jaded said...

The present I want the most would be the entire Humphrey Bogart collection of movies on DVD. The one I'm looking forward to giving the most is the Giant Carebear for my little one.

Roger Stevens said...

Hi, Jaded. So - what would be your favourite Humphrey Bogart film?