Saturday, November 20, 2004

Funny Haiku

Ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha haiku


Roger Stevens said...

It works better written down rather than read aloud.

Aloud I think it would have to be a Kung-Fu Haiku.

Hai hai hai hai hai

Hai hai hai hai hai hai hai

Hai hai hai hai - ku!

Jonathan said...

But the Japanese "hai" doesn't translate to the English
"ha", thereby changing the meaning. The "ha" version could be read aloud successfully using different cadences and tones, sliding into the final "haiku".
What does the Japanese "hai" mean ??? They yell it at me as I enter and leave certain Japanese restaurants...

Anonymous said...

Hai is the way the Japanese spell Hi. It's a greeting haiku, as opposed to a funny haiku. Or, if there are enough people coming in for the party, I guess it's a funny greeting haiku.

Stan said...

That was me. Sorry.

Syl said...

So Jonathan is doing performances...
showing me the difference between
"Hai" and "Ha".
I think I like the "ha" better
in this haiku.
It's all interpretation.

Roger Stevens said...

I was thinking of that noise that the Kung Fu fighter makes as he hits the plank of wood and breaks it in two.

You might like to know that there's a tanka version called -


Ta ta ta ta ta
ta ta ta ta ta ta ta
ta ta ta ta ta
ta ta ta ta ta ta ta
ta ta ta ta ta tanka

Or maybe it could be called -

Fanfare for a Tanka!

Yeah, like that more.

Syl said...

hai Hai HAI-choo!

Stan said...

I tink a tanka is how much you drinka, Roja

Roger Stevens said...

tanka very much

Ubermensch said...

one haiku funny
lost in days bright and sunny
wearing a smile dripped in tesco honey!!