Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Things You Are

The keeper of my heart
The healer of my soul
The hit song in my chart
The glue that makes me whole
The walker by my side
The holder of my hand
My student and my guide
The one who understands
The finisher of thoughts
My spokes, my wheel, my hub
The crosses and the noughts
My reggae and my dub
The laughter for my jokes
My wherefores and my wise
My hub, my wheel, my spokes
The blue that fills my skies
Disperser of my gloom
You blow my clouds away
The painter of my room
You brush away the grey
The seas that lap my shore
The rudder on my keel
The peel, the flesh, the core
My hub, my spokes, my wheel
The maker of my dreams
The slaker of my thirst
The miner of my seams
My second and my first
The raker of the leaves
That fall across my path
The one who still believes
The one who makes me laugh
My racing car of fun
The lock that fits my keys
The icing on my bun
Yes, you are all of these


Roger Stevens said...

Well, I thought it was about time I put up an unashamedly sentimental poem for my girl.

When was the last time you wrote a poem for your girl/boy/partner/lover?

Syl said...


michael said...

Lovely. I'm sure Judy will appreciate it!

Sunshine Coyote said...

Lucky girl who received this poem. Hmmm, last time I wrote a poem for a guy...a couple months ago.

Jaded said...

That was beautiful. I truely loved it.