Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Cadiz Cathedral

Create a space
And decorate with rising arches
Sparkling with a holy light

Spin nets of delicate cobwebs
To catch the falling morsels
Of salt-air-damaged stone

Describe a space
Where organ notes ascend
Are flattened, tapered
Whine a little, bend
Blend with the long and wavering
Squeal of children
Skittering like black and red beetles
Crawling over Catholic stone

Sit in the square
With other tourists sipping tea
And chatter
In the old café

Erect a yellow crane
Tall as the cathedral’s yellow dome
Swing it just so
Where the complicated scaffolding
Will soon support
The Virgin’s procession


Stan said...

Beautifully depicted. Am I right in assuming that the Virgin's Procession will be a Christmas Nativity scene on erected on the crane above the cathedral? What an image!

Roger Stevens said...

Well, this was in the Spring and they were getting ready for a procession of some kind - where, I believe, a large statue of the Virgin Mary enters the square.
Alas, we weren't there to see it.