Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Story So Far

Another spell of school visits. A bit of a mix up yesterday. They were expecting a pirate. I did a couple of pirate poems and I think I got away with it. I'm at home now for three days so I hope to get some writing done. I’m still working on the children’s story mentioned ages ago. It reminds me of that great Doctor Hook line – What album is this anyway? Ben Hur? Still – it’s slowly coming together.

The Mighty Molecules Story So Far. I’ve abandoned the verse novel idea. Instead I’ve adapted what story I had for a graphic novel. It's early days – but hopefully have found an artist friend of Joe’s to do the artwork. And the music? I’m still going to make the CD – now entitled “Live at Staplecrust Village Hall.” Nothing grand - just a first attempt at digital recording. Not that you’d know it’s digital with all the hiss and noise on it. It remains The Mighty Molecules, a fictional band – but not a young one. (Just a sad old one.) I spoke to James today who’s going to add the lead guitar. James was the guitarist with The Killer Rabbits. (Otherwise known as Anthea Ridgepole Rabbit) (I was Roger 'The Nasty Man' Radio Rabbit.)

I put the keyboards on last week. Hope to have it finished by Christmas. More of that anon.

You can still buy the Killer Rabbits album at

Or to find out who the Killer Rabbits were – here’s the website. (Although you might wish you never knew.)
Visit The Killer Rabbits


Amie said... mean you can make a poem in a heartbeat? spontaneously?

michael said...

I've been trying to post a comment here for the last 24 hours but I got fed up waiting for that little twirly thing to stop twirling!
I can vouch for the wonderfulness of the Killer Rabbits LP which I have on a rare vinyl LP. Every track is a little gem of glorious nuttiness!
Nice photo of the Rabbits with heads stuck in five bar gate Roger - not seen that one before.

Syl said...

Michael, sounds like a must
bootsale d/l...never heard
Roger's music!
Roger, received an extra gift
with "Searching For Blue Sea Glass"...
For both, thank you so much.
If I'm not mistaken, part of
the cover looks like Howard
Hodkins? whom I love. Working
on the collage & funny, but
you'll see a swatch of his in
it. Take care, you.

Roger Stevens said...

The last few days have been really blogging difficult. I spent an hour a couple of nights ago just trying to publish a couple of comments. Seems to be back to normal now though. Hurrah!

Amie - not sure where that comment comes from. Am I missing something?

Roger Stevens said...

Thank you Michael. Those days were indeed "The Days."

Syl - Glad you received books okay. Hope you enjoy them.

But... bootsale? No no no...

Upload a track by all means but please don't relegate our beautiful album to the bargain bin or the bootsale... pleaaaseee no no no.... sob sob....

michael said...

O.K. a sample K. Rabbits track coming to B.S.Sounds soon just for Syl.

Syl said...

It's okay, Roger, no
need to cry...for THIS
bootsale has all the
best stuff (thanks to
Michael's excellent
taste!). In fact those
whacky songs start most
of my mornings off with
a smile...:-)