Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Out of Order

For some reason the last three blogs went out of order. I put the two poems up - then I put Country Roads -2 up. But it sat itself underneath the poems. These blogs have minds of their own.

I was planning on visiting a few blogs but the blog universe seems to be on a go-slow again. Think I'll try again later.


Amie said...

...sometimes it's even hard to blog! ugh!

michael said...

I tr i e d to l e a ve a co m me t y e s te rd ay but i t w o u ld n't
l e t me f or s o m e
r ea s o n?

Syl said...

also having problems
posting comments...site
won't respond recently.
If this gets through...
we miss you!

Ed Giecek said...

Testing testing... Hmmm... I seem to be able to leave a comment. Only wish I had something brilliant to say!

Oh yeah... Please send in something for my mailart call:

Happy 64th Birthday Bob Dylan(Don't think twice... It'zZ alright Ma!)