Sunday, November 14, 2004

International Apologies

Such a fuss.
It was a mistake anyone could have made
When the soccer hooligans
Rampaged through the shopping centre
After losing the International two – one
And we shot every last one dead

A simple clerical error, that’s all
Reading rubber bullets for live ammunition
Easily done, when you think about it
You’ve probably done the same thing yourself.
Bought a chicken
When you meant to buy a mop.
That sort of thing.



Roger Stevens said...

England play in a friendly on Wednesday (yes, soccer again) - Found this poem in the bottom of a virtual drawer.

Stan said...

Good poem, Roger. Too much of modern urban life is like that.

michael said...

Wsan't very friendly though was it! I had to switch it off after half time as I found it too painful to watch!