Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Frog in the Blog Jumps Mainly off the Log

The poem, Silence, I put on Desiderata’s blog a while back. I offer it to you now, Jill being particularly in my thoughts at this moment, as her plane wends its way home, high above the planet.

Three schools done this week – two to go. Tomorrow it’s afternoon only and a performance of Danny Chaucer. Friday a local school. So the three 5.30 starts are done with. Tomorrow I don’t have to get up before dawn. (Hurrah!!!)

(Okay, okay – there probably is a joke there somewhere.)

Today's school was at Morden - which can be found at the end of London Underground's Northern Line. I particularly enjoyed the moment when the train announcer said -
This station is Oval.

It wasn't, of course, it was rectangular, like all the others.

Meanwhile – if anyone would like to post any off-topic comments, questions or suggestions – be my guest. Here’s your chance. Just talk amongst yourselves…


Suhail Kassim, Shaista Kassim said...

Let me initiate the random discussions we're going to have here.

Wow, my first sentence had eleven words! Now ... hmmm ... what next? :P

Boomsa Happy said...

So. I've asked before, and I'm asking again. Is the index of a book called the index because we tend to run down the list with our index finger? Or is the index finger called the index finger because we use it to run down the index of a book? In short, what came first? Hanh?
Thank you for allowing us to shoot the breeze on your blog.

michael said...

I suspect INDEX is latin for something meaning " a useful list at the end of a book to find things in the book in alphabetical order"

Cleverer people than I will no doubt come up with their own ideas

I have been sorting through my archive in the coal shed again. I don't know why it's called the coal shed because it hasn't one single piece of coal in it! Unless its very cleverly hidden ofcourse.

michael said...

Yes, but what came first I hear you cry!

I suspect it was fingers. Fingers and then books. In that order.

Stan said...

In fact the true derivation is more interesting than either of yours, as is usually the case. In the early history of books, they would note each new book entry on a separate card, and when the book was finished the cards were either stacked together in a box or sewn together. Thus the first tabulation of contents was stored in these small decks of cards, or, as they spelled it then, in dex.


Anonymous said...

Jill is back !!!


Meanwhile - index is the Latin for forefinger. (Although not for four forefingers) Also for mark, list or informer. Then there's indicare which means to show.
Don't really know if that adds to the debate.

Listened to the first three episodes of the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series in the car today. I thought I had read all the books. But obviously not.
Michael Leigh sent them to me for my birfy.
Hugely enjoyable.
I hope he's going to send the rest.

Stan said...

I'm sure you're right about index. I was just kidding in my comment above.

Boomsa Happy said...

oo! thank you so very much. i can sleep easy now. stan, i liked your explanation the best. but you all get prizes. yay.

michael said...

Glad to enjoyed the first thre episods of Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy - Teriary phase. I will try and record the next three but can't promise anything- I'm famous for only getting 5 episods of a six episods series!
Welcome back Jilly!

Anonymous said...

COALSHED is actually latin for CULTURED so your storing you mouse eaten archive there seems to make perfect sense to me!