Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Travelling Poet

Off on my travels again over the next few days including a visit to Shrewsbury. This means no time to blog. Normal service will hopefully be resumed on Thursday, when I'll be able to visit lots of blogs again, say hello and add my two penn'orth.

Next up here - some more of my own poems, I think. Watch this space.

Meanwhile - feel free to add to the Bukowski debate. (See below) I think I might put Roger McGough up as a contender. Can be very funny. Does have a serious side. A big influence of mine.




michael said...

Yes, well my poet can beat up your poet!
My poet is much bigger and stronger than your poet!
My poet is the best at everything there is!
My poet could eat your poet for breakfast!

Syl said...

Was going to say "Step right up,
it's Popeye & Brutus 'aving a go!"
but couldn't decide who was Popeye!
I love it!
Waiting for the good stuff, Roger!

Anonymous said...

That McGough could'nt punch his way out of a paper bag!

Roger Stevens said...

But he does know how to use an apostrophe properly.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would discover my Achill'es Heel!

Syl said...

You mean those Brit eyebrows
aren't apostrophes?!!!
I know wh're they 'go!

Syl said...

^ ^

hazel said...

just for the record..anon is NOT me...I will not comment on anything concerning Mr Mc ever again..just is case I cause a big rumpus...
just wanted you to know that.
John Hegley is champ (as well as Roger.S of course).
Joint place.