Sunday, October 10, 2004

Paradise Mislaid

Jill is still in the States. Having a great time. She visited the Texas State Fair yesterday. Yeeehaw! Me? I’m feeling a bit lonely. A whole week of school visits coming up. I’ll be feeling cream-crackered by Friday. Tomorrow I’m at a secondary school. I’ll mainly be reading from my verse-novel for teenagers – The Journal of Danny Chaucer (Poet)

What it is to be a teenager! Here’s a sample poem –

Paradise Mislaid

As humankind destroys the planet
My thoughts turn frequently to Janet

As rainforests are stripped and land laid bare
I think of Janet in her underwear

As acid rain falls from the sky above
I think of me and Janet making love

What chance has humankind of saving this fair planet?
About the same as I have ever making it with Janet

(Actually her name isn't Janet
but Jenny doesn't rhyme with planet)

For more info or to purchase book click here!


Stan said...

The teenage mind in a nutshell!!

Jonathan said...

Thought you were talking about Janet Jackson for a minute...

Amie said...

Change her name into Janet...hmmm that is cheating.

michael said...

I wonder if she'll bump into Angelica - she goes to fairs in Texas? Good luck with your week in schools. Sounds pretty scary!

Syl said...

Being a teenager seemed like great fun at the time, but I
don't think I would like to repeat those years. Actually
the present is good. Sorry you are feeling a little down...
put on some music, grab a book...or finish that book you've
been working on. Oh my, Sue's sniffing around some of Jon's
work he left on the floor. Better go rescue before she eats
it! Have a great week...hey, kids are fun!

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The Reporter said...

You're amazing! Great funny poem :).

Jilly Jargon said...

Hi y'all. Greetings from the US to all those who have commented on Roger's blog so far. The Texas State Fair was good, but not as good as a lazy Saturday at home with my favourite poet. I'm still in Dallas. My best friend at primary school was called Janet. I'm ready to come home now - as you could see from my blog, if anyone ever visited it. Hey, it really is the most boring blog, so don't feel obliged to search for it now. I fly to New York tomorrow and from there to Heathrow, arriving Thursday 6.20am. From there to a meeting in Docklands and then home, sweet...

Roger Stevens said...

Jill's coming home. Hurrah!!!!!

Gets kinda lonely on my own.

Her blog is