Friday, October 22, 2004

More Railway Fun

That was pretty tiring, I have to say. Ten school visits in three weeks and I have a cold and a sore throat. But a whole week off to write. First priority the children’s story – so close to finished. Then give some more thought to the Mighty Molecules project – which I think I might change significantly. Or even abandon.

A couple of interesting(ish) train stories. First – coming back from Shrewsbury on Virgin Trains (which I have to say are very impressive – especially after the totally crap South Eastern trains) – the announcer gave us very good information about the openings and closings of the Virgin Shop. I particularly liked – We will be closed for the last fifteen minutes of the journey – but this is only for stocktaking.
So – that’s good then. I'm pleased that was the reason.

The second on the way home from London’s Charing Cross. The train is about to depart. Next stop is usually London Bridge. But not this time.

Tannoy: (After announcing all the stops) We do not stop at London Bridge.

(A couple of minutes pass)

Tannoy: This train is fast to Sevenoaks. Passengers please be aware that we do not stop at London Bridge.

(A couple more minutes tick by. The train is very crowded. The train starts.)

Tannoy: We do not stop at London Bridge. This train is fast to Sevenoaks. When we go through London Bridge – do not open the doors.

We all look at one another. Someone says, So, this train doesn’t stop at London Bridge then.
That’s a shame, I say. Maybe I’ll jump out there anyway.

Tannoy: We are approaching London Bridge. The train doesn’t stop here. Do not open the doors.

We all have a little chuckle.


Anonymous said...

Trains eh? Love 'em or loathe 'em you can't live without them little furry devils.

Oh, sorry, I thought you meant voles.

michael said...

Sorry to hear the Mighty Molecules project might get abandoned. I was looking forward to hearing some new songs from you.

Roger Stevens said...

I'm still going to do the songs - well, finish them. Probably still keep the fictional band idea - but not specifically for teenagers - and I'll add a few more tracks.