Thursday, October 07, 2004

Birthday Presents

George Harrison. The Dark Horse Years. 1976 – 1992.
This was a fabulous present. Six albums – including Live in Japan with Eric Clapton and a DVD of videos and interviews. Some excellent tracks that I missed first time around. Here comes the Moon is particularly splendid. And very Beatle-y. And some excellent videos – in particular Crackerbox Palace and This Song.
They underlined something I’d forgotten. George was a deeply spiritual person. But also
a lot of fun. Those two videos in particular really made me smile.

I had a book, too, which I should maybe mention. This is also a lot of fun (honest!) – although in a slightly different way.

The Humor of Kierkegaard

(Click on link for more info!) As the cover says... "The selections, which made me laugh, illustrate sardonically the contradictions of existence."

Try it!!!


Andi said...

Looks like you had a good birthday haul, Roger. I will definitley check out the book blurb. Sounds interesting!!

I have a friend who is a Beatle NUT (or anything having to do with any of the members of the band). She would club you over the head for your albums.

Roger Stevens said...

I have to admit I am a complete Beatle fan. I could say more , much more - but I'll spare you all.

fluffy-scruffy said...

have you ever been on the magical mystery tour or to the matthew street festival? (i've never been to either so i couldn't tell you what they're like)

one evening when i met with the local group of pagans one of them was trying to decide on whether she felt aggravated or complimented. she'd been minding her own business, walking along the streets of liverpool, when the mm tour bus passed her quite slowly with the guide saying "and here you can see liverpool's resident goth" (and how about all the rest that lurk in quiggins during the day and the krazy house at night?)
so, if you ever do go on the tour, it's not just beatles related stuff they point out.
if you have already done the tour, did your tour guide point out any random things?


Stan said...

In Canada the Beatles were big, of course, and George is hard to beat as a favourite, but I think here they didn't have the lasting impact that they may have in England. We don't hear, or think, much of them anymore. Americans seem to stay with us more, I'm sorry to say. There's no end to Elvis, he obviously didn't die, at least in North America, and the Rolling Stones just keep on doing it. And now here's Bob Dylan with his autobiography, no less. Is anybody over there interested? I expect it will be a huge seller here.

michael said...

Find it hard to believe that the Beatles had no staying power in Canada.
Was browsing on Dogpile a while back and found a Magical Mystery tour audio guide that someone made back in the 80's, actually it wasnt Dogpile it was that chap from holland who has website devoted to obscure dutch outsider music mostly. cant think of his name but its well known among the 365 days. Otis Fodder. Belly Bongo crowd. It was actually a recording he's made on a pilgrimage to Liverpool. I made a copy for Pamela, the Beatle Nut who lives in North Lanarkshirt.
Did find the beatles on the Ed Sullivan show though which sent shivers down my spine even now. Even the rehearsal of This Boy was amazing - the utmostphere was electric.

Syl said...

Is that near the odmostsphere?

Syl said...

It all sounds like a wonderful packet to me. Ah, "Here Comes The Moon"...very special.

Stan said...

The Beatles aren't the only ones who have no staying power in Canada. The mint here just issued a new copy-proof $20.00 bill. On one side it has a big picture of the Queen. As soon as my wife saw it she said, "What's she doing on there?" Well, she isn't against the Queen. I've seen her watch a documentary on the royal family on TV, and really get into it. She just didn't get what the Queen was doing on our money, that's all - untill she thought about it and it came back to her that somehow we're related to England through history. I know a lot of British people still think of Canada as a colony of England, sort of, but not only don't we, but in fact we're a colony of the United States, and have no practical relation to England at all anymore, except that we hear a lot of British accents around our campuses.

michael said...

Sorry about the Queen on your 20 dollar bill. I tried to stop them but they wouldnt listen! I suggested neil young, jonie mitchell, david cronenburg, etc. but to no avail!

Stan said...

Ha ha. David Cronenbers is definitely a good choice!