Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back To Work Tomorrow

Finished six of the bass tracks tonight. I think they're sounding good... all things being equal. Which, of course, they're not. Need a name for the bass player now. The thing about names is - it's not really meant to be a funny book as such. Not the sort of book where the drummer is called Basher Skins and the singer is called Larry Inks. Britpop Dylan? Well, the songs are a bit wordy and a couple of them do have a Dylanish feel I think. Well... we'll see.
Back to work tomorrow. I was hoping to have the children's book finished by the end of August and I'm only half way through. Hey ho.
Noticed today that the bit where I write this posting has two little headings top right. One says Edit HTML and the other says Compose. I was wondering where my font and sizes bar had gone. Then I notoiced it was set the wrong one. I clicked Compose and the bar returned. Is this of use to Michael I wonder?

Good night... sweet dreams.

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michael said...

Not much use to me I'm afraid. No mention of "compose" on my blog. Still baffled by some of the buttons on it.
Back to work eh? Hasn't the summer just whizzed by? Soon be Winter- what a horrible thought! making a pizza now- waiting for the yeast to froth so I can add it too the warming flour on the stove.
Looking forward to those Dylanesque Britpop tunes. Just been making a CD for somebody. Mostly internet downloads but with boot sale finds thrown in for good measure. A nice ukelele track with Peter Sellers strumming away to "They Park The Camels Where Taxis Used To Be".