Saturday, August 21, 2004

52 Ways of Looking At a Poem by Ruth Padel

One of my summer reads. This is both an entertaining and hugely informative book. Worth looking out for. As George Steiner says, on the back cover -

Ruth Padel combines two major gifts: she is both a distinguished poet and a quite exceptional reader of the poetry of others... The result is a book which opens doors and offers a wealth of insight.


michael said...

Well, I've been reading lots of things but mostly half a book by Danny Wallace which Hazel tore in half so she didnt have too much to carry on the train! Its ironically called JOIN ME! And It's quite an engaging tale about his quest to gather 100 members to his "cult" in memeory of his swiss uncle who once tried to get a commune together but could only find 3 members, so danny sets out to find 100 trusting souls to "join" him not knowing himself where it would all lead. Unfortunately I left it on the train on the way home so I'll never know what happened!

Syl said...

Yikers!!! Hazel did what? Too funny...but then sometimes we need to make up out own endings, I think.