Saturday, August 28, 2004

Giving Up a Blog

I’m going to give up my other blog. Just don’t have the time. It’s pretty boring anyway. The Rabbit Press website is nearly ready and up and running.
More on that to come, don’t worry. And the first Rabbit Press book. More on that, too.
Meanwhile – still searching for a name for the fictional band. So far – The Mighty Molecules is favourite.

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michael said...

I didnt find your other blog boring atall. It was "the dog's nuts" as my brother -in-law would say.
The mighty moleculs still sounds favourite to me too. Look forward to hearing them! How will you post the sound files? I can't work out hoiw to do it? I'd love to post some mp3's of market finds etc.on my blog but baffled on how to do it.