Monday, July 26, 2004

Travels of a Poet (3)

Specs (after John Hegley)

I forgot my specs at breakfast.
I couldn’t see the toast.
I ate by touch and taste alone.
I enjoyed the tablemats the most.


michael said...

I forgot my hearing aid at lunch
Someone said "Please pass the cruet"
"Certainly which would you like?
Apple, banana or an orange?"

(needs a bit of work)

Roger Stevens said...

Just needs a rhyme for orange...

hazel said...

I forgot my false teeth at supper
the soup went down a treat.
the roast beef was a bugger.
and the toffee..m m mm m ....c..ake was sweet

well the idea was there but the word power isn't.
The Blogger nonsense is very distracting isn't it?

michael said...

SHouldn't that be-

The roast beef was a burger?