Thursday, July 29, 2004

Leap Second

 The Earth is slowing down. One second here. Another there. To keep our watches and computers and calendars on the button, every few years we add a second at New Year’s Eve. I guess we add it there because most people are too drunk to notice. Soon, as the Earth continues to slow, we will be adding the second every year.
Why is the Earth is slowing down?
The rise and fall of tides. The drag of winds blowing on mountains. The reluctance of the human heart.


michael said...
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j0llyr0ger said...

Getting older has nothing to do with it.

Some slackers aren't doing their share of the pedalling.

Roger Stevens said...

I know, there's always someone on the back too busy watching the view.

Roger Stevens said...

Michael, did you remove the comment or did I?
Maybe it was when I was trying to sort out the link business - if so please post it again, as the postman said when he delivered a letter to the person who sent it by mistake.

michael said...

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Roger Stevens said...

Hi, Phil. Long time no sea.