Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Mask Event

January 2004  Venice
Wear a mask whilst shopping fashioned from the vegetables you hope to buy
Wear a mask fashioned in your own likeness
Wear a cat mask and intimidate the owners of small dogs
Wear a dog mask and chase anyone wearing a cat mask
Wear a crab mask and talk out of the corner of your mouth
Imagine wearing a mask and then imagine what people who would not associate you with wearing a mask would think when they saw you in your imaginary mask for the first time
Wear a paper mask of an historical figure who is associated with water. Set fire to it.
Wear a mask in an inappropriate location.
Fall asleep behind a mask of studied alertness
Wear a mask that barely conceals your rage
Wear a mask of glass.
Wear a mask that raises questions about the nature of shopping
Wear a mask of uncertainty
Wear a mask of integrity
Wear a mask to instigate terror in the minds of confused pedestrians
Wear a mask in error
Wear a mask of concrete as though it were a mask of feathers
Wear a mask of tea leaves
Wear a mask of moon-rock by the light of the moon
Wear a mask that has been frozen with fear
Wear a mask of marzipan
Wear a mask studded with cloves
Wear a mask over your mask
Wear a mask that bemuses
Wear a mask that confuses
Wear a mask of excuses
Wear a mask like Tom Cruise’s
Wear the mask of the Plague Doctor’s nephew
Wear a mask of contrivances
Wear a mask decorated with a scene of your father’s
Wear a mechanical mask whose tiny figures dance to the carnival
Wear a mask that doubles as a mobile phone
Wear a body mask
Wear a mask that covers your aches and bruises and hurts and grazes
Wear your mask with pride
Wear a sorrowful mask joyfully
Wear a simple mask that smells of herbs, tarragon, sage and rosemary
Wear a mask in the bath
Wear a mirrored mask
Wear a mask made from shadows and suggestions
Wear a mask that is too tight in the shadow of an specially constructed apparatus to throw same
Wear a mask in the style of the Lone Ranger and fire a silver bullet
Wear a mask in the style of Zorro and challenge a stranger to a duel
Lend your mask to a telephone engineer
Wear a mask whenever the Nikkei index goes up
Wear a mask and interview another masked person for a job in a mask shop
Wear a bra for a mask and give your partner the slip
Wear a mask made from the cover of a Russian novel
Wear a mask made from a spider’s web gathered early in the morning
Wear a mask made from crazy string
Wear a mask made from long sentences spoken with an Italian accent
Wear a mask at breakfast and eat only soup
Wear a mask of toast decorated with marmalade
Wear a croissant and pretend it’s a mask
Wear a mask of vulnerability
Wear a trout mask replica
Cover your face with masking tape (Remember to leave small breathing holes)
Wear a mask of total invisibility
Wear a mask of ultimate responsibility
Wear a mask constructed of sound waves
Wear a mask that is a map of your heart and betrays your intentions
Wear a mask that’s a map of Venice showing the secret ways of the gondolier
Wear a mask that is water absorbent
Wear a mask that reacts to laughter by taking flight
When someone next asks you the time, put on a mask and talk gobbledegook
Wear a mask made of sausages and sell dud time shares
Remove a mask in the company of wolves
Make a bonfire of masks


michael said...

What about wearing a mask made of masking tape. You could wrap it round your head like a mummy ( or a daddy ).

Roger Stevens said...

I wrote this on our holiday in Venice. It was just before the festival when, apparently, everyone wears a mask. They were on sale everywhere you turned. More mask suggestions welcomed.