Monday, July 26, 2004

Diary on a Cold Un-summer's Day

Summer’s here and no school visits for a few weeks. Time to get down to the children’s novel that I’m writing. It’s based on an idea I had several years ago. Only now is it becoming a real story. It’s slow going, though.
One reason is discovering this blog malarkey. A tailor-made displacement activity if ever there was one.
Had a look at some other blogs this morning. Found one good poetry based one. At some point I’ll try and work out how the link system works.
And how do you advertise blogs – to find other like-minded bloggers?
Must get on. Get some writing done. I’m trying to write one chapter a day, to get it finished before the school holidays are over. We're off for a week in France soon. Hopefully get some writing done there as well.
Had an e-mail from someone who used to contribute to my children's site - The Poetry Zone. His new (grown-up) site is very good. Some good writing, stories, reviews. Looks very promising. I'll add it to my links when I've worked out how to set them up. Meanwhile it's at


Boomsa Happy said...

what you do sounds like a nice dream. do let me know if you need any contributions to your site. working on something i'm calling a book too. let's see. good luck to you and to me. :)

hazel said...

Yes, I'd like to figure out how to make links too. It's all a bit of a mystery at the moment. Quite exciting though.

michael said...

Gosh, yes, it is isn't it!

michael said...

Jolly Roger knows how to do it! Our saviour is at hand!