Thursday, July 29, 2004

More About Foxes

Thanks to foxhunting there are very few foxes left in the British countryside, save one or two masquerading as badgers. Most foxes have moved to the town. And so the Hunt is having to adapt. Their plan is to abandon horses and instead ride Lambrettas. Soon it could become a common site to hear the beep beep of the hunting hooter and see twenty or so hunters on shiny red and black motor scooters whizzing over your lawn.


michael said...

We saw what looked like a dead and badly squished fox by the side of the road the other day on our way to drop Archie off at the Summer school. Mind you, it could have been a big squirrel? Or a disgarded indian take-away - the bright red sort, that had grown a tail.

Roger Stevens said...

I hate Indian Take Aways with tails, as well as pizzas with ears and fish and chips with big bushy beards.