Thursday, July 22, 2004

A Man Runs For A Train

A man runs for a train at Etchingham, in East Sussex. The train starts as the man clambers aboard and tumbles into a seat. His fellow passengers applaud him and make encouraging remarks.
Minutes later a guard appears. His voice betrays his anger. He takes his job very seriously. Who jumped aboard the train at the station when the train was moving? he asks.
Everyone looks blank. Everyone shrugs. No one in this carriage, mate, says a man in a yellow jacket. You must have imagined it.
After the guard has gone the yellow-jacket man gives the late passenger a small badge. The print is tiny, though, and, what with the motion of the train, the lack of light and my poor eyesight, It’s impossible to read from where I’m sitting.


michael said...

Was it our old mate Paul Jackson? he lives in Etchingham and runs for the train every day. Would'nt it be funny if it was!
I think the little badge says " You Are here"

Roger Stevens said...

Paul Jackson? I don't think I know him.

The badge could have said that. Any other suggestions?

Stuart said...

Birthday boy

Roger Stevens said...

Yeah. Or I AM SIX

hazel said...

I'm surprised to don't know paul jackson (art nahpro?) as he's been doing mail art almost as long as me.

art said...

No, I don't think it was me although I do use that train every day but never run for it-away from it sometimes but not from it. I think the badge probably said "give up art" in tiny writing
or maybe "I wish we were on our way to Cleethorpes".My favotite Etchingham train story is listening to a cyclist telling stories of his cycling injuries and emergency treatment in hospital all the way to London. When we were pulling into Charing Cross a business woman retrieved her briefcase from the overhead rack and dislodged the man's helmet which fell down and hit him hard on the head.
Trivia 1: There was a man killed on Etchingham Station in the beginning of the 20 Century-stabbed in the eye by an umbrella.
Trivia2: Ghandi had been to Etchingham Station

Trivia 3:The man who designed the Penny Black is buried in Etchingham churchyard.
Trivia 4 : The weathervane on the church is the oldest working weathervane in England.
Trivia 5: Anthony Burgess used to live in Etchingham.
Trivia 6; er....

michael said...

fascinating paul. I didnt realise Etchingham was full of such historical tid-bits.

michael said...

So, the penny has just dropped! You are the man in the yellow jacket?