Saturday, October 29, 2005


A man raided my parents’ house
He wore brown trousers and a white vest
He looked like Alexei Sayle

The front door sagged open
Like a corpse’s mouth
I yelled for a neighbour’s help

The man ran out
A memory clutched to his chest
I dropped my bag

I had no time to wonder
As the chocolate bells
I’d rescued from the Christmas tree

At the top of the road
(In that late January rain)
Splattered on the pavement

The man and I grappled
His accomplice ran from the door
Neighbours appeared

The robbers were arrested
And my memories were recovered
But after I woke

I knew
I’d never go back
Into my parents’ house again


Roger Stevens said...

Weird dream eh? Probably the Parisian air. And this poem was the poem that I wrote the last poem over.

A good night’s telly. Pity Jill wasn’t here to share it. She’s still in Phoenix, Arizona. Bleak House, a good if rather jazzy adaptation, which is interesting as I’ve just read my first Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations. Then a programme about the weird and other-worldly jazz legend Sun Ra. Have I Got News For You (chaired by Chris Langham, whom I’ve always really liked) – funny as always, a very interesting soul-baring interview with Jarvis Cocker, QI – which I love, Jonathan Ross and finally Later With Jools Holland – and an enjoyable Arctic Monkeys. Despite my picture starting to pixilate during Jools' interview with the Eats, Shoots and Leaves woman - whose name escapes me.

And earlier, for supper, a pheasant cooked in red wine in a potato, onion and carrot pie. Pity Jill wasn’t here to share it.

michael said...

Your comments seem fine to me Roger and the dream poem too. I had a weird dream last night about finding old records - some of the artistes were very intriguing and I wish I could remember them. Lots of folk stuff I think.
We are enjoying the new Bleak House too. I taped Jools Holland so looking forward to that.
Just waiting for the sun to come up so we can go to the boot sale over at Tarporley. Its 7a.m,. but really its 8a.m. due to daylight saving. Hope Jill is back home safely soon.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Its good to know I'm not the only person who writes in the dark, enjoyed all three, is Jill back? I suppose you have to spend lots of time appart (with poeting and such)which must be hard. Mark's away about once a month only for a night or two and I hate it. I confess I often stroke things I'm told will bite me, but though I have been nibbled I haven't poisened any as yet. Does that count as feeding animals?

Shubhodeep said...

macabre, i should say. really eerie, especially the last stanza.
nicely penned, as always.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Roger you're absolutely right there's only 54 don't know how that happened will have to look again

michael said...

Half way through Jools Holland and broke for lunch. I enjoyed the Arctic Monkeys too. Also enjoyed the mexican ska? band. Not too keen on Ms. Dynamite and Mylo though. Will catch up with the rest this afternoon whilst Archie is out skiing in Runcorn.

Cocaine Jesus said...

I stayed up to watch Jools Holland as I always do. Saw the Arctic Monkeys and the gorgeous black female singer and then fell asleep.
Bleak House is a bit jazzy but I am enjoying it.
Your poem goes the way of all dream poems. Surreal of course and fun for us to read but probably scary to have dreamt.

Cate said...

There's a saying here in the hills that if you tell your dream before breakfast, it will come true.

Hope you had breakfast first.

Liam Wilkinson said...

Hi Roger! I think we had a very similar Friday night. Enjoyed Chris Langham on HIGNFY. His recent comedy, 'Help', with Paul Whitehouse was the best thing I've seen in ages. Pure genius.

Sorry about the absence. I'm still awaiting my computer's much anticipated arrival at our new house. It's even coming with a broadband modem!

Anyway, don't give up on me yet. I'll also dig that album out that I've owed you since 607 AD.

Take care,

Stranger Ken said...

Memories pillaged, a cemetery full of broken, decaying tombs, the underbelly of a city's night-life, strange, foreign, unknowable, like a dream. Interestingly dark undercurrents.

Jonathan said...

Jools Holland was once pointed out to me at a pub in Deptford... the Bell and Hound I think... might be his local. Always enjoyed that pub... has a nice quiz on Sunday nights...

gulnaz said...

i think this is my favourite of all your poems. i read it day before yesterday and caught myself thinking about it a few times since.
my favourite part is:The man ran out
A memory clutched to his chest
I dropped my bag

Syl said...

Such a strange tumble of dreams you've been having...though you make them come alive. I would have told that thief to take the TV but NOT my choccy!
Ahhh,sigh, but you did dine nicely and had good entertainment. Hope Jill is home soon and things back to normal...though what ever is "normal"?! Take care.

NicoleBraganza said...

Roger-> The poems for the upcoming Danny Chaucer book are just AWESOME! My favourites are Growing Fast and Nice Legs. Great stuff!

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks for the kind and interesting comments everyone. Jill is still away and comes back on Friday - although she leaves LA on Thursday.

Don't know when Danny 2 will come out though, Nicole. In the end I think I'll have to publish it myself.

cantellya said...

"The front door sagged open
Like a corpse’s mouth." That's probably the best description I've ever read. Fabulous!

cantellya said...

Why thank you Mr. Stevens. Thank you very much :)

Roger Stevens said...

In case anyone's wondering - it's Cantellya's birthday!

shyloh said...

Hello Roger, Wow you are a poet. This was interesting.

Anonymous Poet said...

Hi Roger, thanks for the recent comment at my site. Quick question: can you tell me (either here or back at my site) what the reference is to 55 words? I am not sure what that means.

. : A : . said...

Very interesting. I liked this line a lot,

"A memory clutched to his chest"

Well done.

Lorena said...

definitely very interesting poem. it's been awhile since i've been here. i got a lot of reading to do! :)

NicoleBraganza said...

Freakin' out with Flickr ? Like the new pic! (the shirt actually...:P

Roger Stevens said...

My Flickr account is Roger Radio. Haven't put many photos on it yet. Haven't found the time. Although I've been looking for the time - it's just so elusive.

Roger Radio was my once-upon-a-time stage name, and the name I used for cartoons in Viz.
You can find them in the Viz Book of Crap Jokes.

Anyway glad you like the shirt, Nicole. I'm still looking for a blog profile pic that I'm happy with.

Shubhodeep said...

let me just echo nicole's words.
btw, i just put up some haikus on my blog. do give me your feedback.

jadedprimadonna said...

Wow - what a dream and what a poem. But having been in Paris in November, I can agree. There is something in the air then...

Roger Stevens said...

Jill's back. Hurrah! This evening we had big plates of vegetables. Apparently vegetables are pretty rare in the States. Certainly in Phoenix and LA.

So it's a sitting watching the telly night while Jill dozes through her jetlag.

Talking of the TV - I notice that it's been a week since I posted these poems. Still I have had a chance to visit some blogs and catch up with some old blog acquaintances.

unspokenverse said...

hello there.. thanks for stopping by my blog.. your poetry is quite interesting

Roger Stevens said...

Quite interesting eh? One of my favourite TV shows that was on last night actually.

Not one of my favourite comments. My favourite would probably be -

Your poem is abso-bloody-lutely totally fantastic!

Hey ho. Time to post a new one I think.

Syl said...

But, Roger, everyone knows you are abso-bloody-lutely totally fantastic. One sleepless nite, a song was born, on the ritter-tatter tatter train a poem shook out; and the blind dog stepped faithfully, knowing his master was about.

Ed Giecek said...

Bloody good dream poem, Roger! You know Bob Dylan had dreams he wrote about too... Remember ol' number 115? ...On the Mayflower with Cap'n Arab when he thoght he'd spy'ed some land... I had a dreem once, but I woke up. Well... I guess I'll have one more beer before turning in. It'zZ my night off! Cheer'zZ all... --ed

michael said...

Hi Ed. Fancy seeing you here? and you're not all covered in flour either?
I have just put a veg lasagne in the oven- hoping it will go brown and crusty. the oven seemed the best bet somehow. last time i tried the fridge and it was a disaster!
I had to write an article about my Boot Sale Sounds blog today for a german online magazine called De-Bug. I wasnt sure if it was a wind up or not but i wrote it anyway. It may come in handy if anyone else asks me! They wanted 7,000 letters which completely foxed me. How many words would that be?? I just made a stab at it - with the end of a courgette left over from the lasagne. Hi jilly!

mushsis said...

disturbingly good :)

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks Mushsis.

That sounds quite long, Michael. Did gaps between words count as letters?

Hey, look... I really must post up a new poem!

NicoleBraganza said...


NEW POST! would be nice!

Syl said...

hey hey...looking foxy! Love your new pic!