Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On My Way To School...

My New Book Posted by Picasa

Staying In

Crawling across the classroom
is a black shiny beetle called Bill

A fat, furry fly called Fred
sits on the window sill

A thin, hairy spider called Sid
climbs up the classroom wall

A boy who’s been naughty called Me
sits on his own in the hall.

I am staying in at playtime
Just me, myself and I

All alone with my regrets
and a beetle, a spider, a fly

Small White Egg Poem

I find
a small, white egg
under the conker tree
in the corner of the school field

I hold
the small, white egg
in the palm of my hand
and peer up into the tangled branches

The tree
is empty and the
small, white egg
is cold

I think
there is a song inside
the small, white egg
that we will never hear

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the bed
The little dog laughed
But not for long
Because the cow landed right on his head


Roger Stevens said...

Hooray! Hurrah! Halloo! Hallay!

Here it is then. It's finally done. The new book for younger children. It seems to me that there are lots of a lovely picture books for toddlers and tons of poetry books for older children, but there's very little for children between 4 and 7. Which is why I wrote this.

Should you have young children and would like a copy - it's available from Rabbit Press. (See the link opposite)

And the wonderful illustrations - and the cover - is by Michael Leigh. (See Flobberlob - also opposite)

Normal adult poetry will be resumed shortly.

cantellya said...

How wonderful Mr. Stevens! I really like the cover!

Syl said...

Congratulations, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
And I shall be heading right over to that link :-D

Lorena said...

adorable poems. this book looks wonderful. congratulations!! :) i especially thought "hey diddle diddle" was cute!

Shubhodeep said...

the poems are very nice. I liked the first one best.

NicoleBraganza said...

GREAT GOING!!! I love the first poem and the cover too looks abso-bloody-lutely fantabulous! :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Love em all, can't decide if I like the Small White Egg Poem or Staying In best

NicoleBraganza said...

Over ONE MILLION VISITORS to the PoetryZone! Yippeeeee!Congratulations Roger!

tweezil said...

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee.I know that I am to old to red theseas I am thirtine but I love the books you sent to my Dad and will be getting this one to.



Roger Stevens said...

Thanks everyone - especially for responding so energetically!!!

Off to get my Mum later - she's visiting for the weekend. Tomorrow we plan to Christmas shop. I'm opposed to having anything to do with Christmas until December arrives - but she's 80 now and not very mobile so I'm making an exception.

Does anyone out there think Christmas comes too early?

Cocaine Jesus said...

three great poems but i especially liked Small White Egg Poem. Kinda sad and wistful.

Amie said...

hmmm i wonder what happened to the poor dog

hey congrats on the new book! that is awesome!

Roger Stevens said...

He hurt his head - but luckily Jack came round with some vinegar and brown paper and made it better. Then the cow had another go and the dog laughed and laughed and laughed...

Liam Wilkinson said...

Hey Roger. Great news about the book. Look forward to reading it.

Personally, I don't mind Christmas coming a bit early. Anything to make merry the idea of the year ending.

No sign yet of broadband modem - thinks maybe an angry call to AOL.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Christmas is in September right and isn't Easter in December, my telly seems to think so, perhaps the ad people think we'll forget if they don't remind us.

Russell Ragsdale said...

The first poem has your infallible touch but it was the second poem that lingered longer. I'm in the vote for number two crew. All very lovely! Number three should be a real rollicker with the jocular crowd! Congratulations on finishing the book!

Roger Stevens said...

This is only a personal opinion - but I think AOL are pants. I'd find a better provider if I were you, Liam. I know several people who've had problems there.

Thanks for the book-type encouragement everyone.

michael said...

I think the book is fabulous but then I'm biased.
I hate all the early references to Chrishmush and jingle bells muzak playing in shops full of snowmen and elnes in October! Mind you, i have to do my Xmas shopping early else it would never get done!

michael said...

I meant "Elves" not "Elnes" which are a kind of Norwegian clog with ski's attached with highly inflammable fir tree sap.

Cocaine Jesus said...

I thought Elnes was an old remedy for people with piles?
"For all your unsavoury parts use ELNES. An industrial application"

Use to come on the telly in between the Daz advert and The Oxo family one with Kate wotshername.

Anonymous said...

'Small White Egg Poem' is a very touching poem. I don't know why but I've read several egg poems recently - one of those bizarre and apparently meaningless synchronicities - and all have been marked by use of deceptively simple language and/or a motif of the egg that doesn't hatch. I really, really enjoyed this one. x

Roopa said...

wow - i love the stuff. Was thinking aout poetry for children that had a twist - and voila! Congrats!

Syl said...

Well, yes, these were written for 4-7 yrs? So why am I enjoying them so much!

michael said...

I thought it was for 47 year olds! I felt a bit left out too!

Anonymous Poet said...


Especially, I like the quiet sadness of "Small White Egg Poem." It is simple, yet also sad and profound at the same time. An elegant, deceptively simple kind of genius, I think.

Stranger Ken said...

Congratulations to you and Rabbit Press! If I were a teacher, I'd order a class set, at least. I hope it sells well!

Jonathan said...

Roger... thanks for prompting me to "join the word verification club", there were four spam comments on there!
Best of luck with the book.

Syl said...

"There is a song inside the small white egg, that we shall never hear." When I've come across a small egg tossed, unsuspectingly on the ground...I touch it's fragile broken shell... and wish it's song farewell.

transience said...

this is awesome. it's about time, too. congrats, roger. you're my hero.

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks everyone.

I'm sorry I've not had any time to visit this week. Just so busy visiting schools. And tomorrow we're off to Scotland for a break.

Normal service will be resumed...

bill said...

Got to like anyone who can actually say Hooray! Hurrah! Halloo! Hallay! For thats a talent that's quite rare -- and you say it with such savoire faire!