Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sorry about that! I was trying to upload a new picture for my profile. I couldn't get it to work and so, as I was a bit pushed for time, I gave up. Little did I know that in my absence the computer would try to upload a little coloured square.

Sorry also about the lack of blogs. I've been so busy. Hopefully will be putting some more poems up soon. Bad news on the book deal - it all fell through at the last minute. So it's back to the writing desk.

Hey ho.

My poem on BBC2 did happen - although I missed it. I thought it was on Blue Peter but I was wrong.

Mr Organised - that's my middle name.


michael said...

nevermind. Plenty more ferrets in the mangle as my mad old Uncle Doris used to say.
Computers eh? They are infuriating at times. Mine keeps leering at me and sniggering under its breath.

Cocaine Jesus said...

Sorry that I missed your poem on the radio.
The picture of you was a perfect likeness, a little square but colourful.
As for the lack os posts well, go and stand in the corner until tea time.