Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sometimes time ambles
Now, for example
As I practise
The art of living
In a fast food chain
Whilst waiting for an aeroplane

I could be sitting at my computer now
Gazing at the slate roof above the front door
Listening to the birds in the mock-orange tree
The interlocution of words

But I’m not
I’m sitting on some plastic seating
Eating a pizza


michael said...

We would all rather be somewhere cosy and warm at times. Your poem captures this perfectly. But what is a mock orange tree? Is it anything like a fake banana plant?

Cocaine Jesus said...

You lazy old get. eating pizza when you should be working.

Anonymous Poet said...

Don't the airports in Europe have wireless Internet for mobile laptop computing, yet? They're spreading like wildfire in the U.S.

You would still have to substitute aeroplanes for birds in the trees. But at least you would be able to contemplate the interlocution of words.

Stranger Ken said...

Thinking's still the best way to travel, then? I've always thought so, especially when I'm at Heathrow Terminal 2 on a wet morning at seven o'clock! I've only just hit upon your blog and wondered how you'd feel about my putting a link to you in my sidebar? If you have a moment to spare, maybe you'd take a look at my site and let me know how you feel about it. Thanks!

Anonymous Poet said...

Also, I really like the notion of time ambling. It does that, sometimes, doesn't it? Great description!