Sunday, May 01, 2005

Danny Chaucer (4)

I said to Tommy Lock
I’m thinking of forming a band
Whaddya think?
Punk? He enquired
Boogie-woogie, Hip-hop?
70s influenced? Retro rock?
Acid-soul-house-jazz or pop?
Heavy metal? Hard core? Slash?
60s, flower-power, disco, soul?
I shrugged, You know. Just rock ‘n’ roll.

Wanted to Rock

The ad on the Music Department
Notice board read -
Drummer and Keyboard player
For Exciting New Band
Influences Oasis
Deep Purple
And Led Zeppelin
(although Anna
thought that the inclusion
of the last two was rather sad
and wasn’t sure if anyone
would have heard of them)
( Tho’ Mr “Mickey” Most, Head of Music, had)

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