Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ivor Cutler

I was at a school in Tunbridge Wells today. On the way I saw half a magpie, stuck to the road. Oh, I thought. That must mean I'm going to have a moderately average day.

Meanwhile - I’ve just been watching the BBC4 programme about Ivor Cutler. He came up in my writing class a few weeks ago. The question was asked - is he a poet? Well, I think so. But he’s much more than that. The programme was excellent with contributions from Billy Connelly, Paul McCartney and others. It was followed by his last public performance.


The sun disappointed me so I crawled under the ground. There was neither night nor day. I did not know when to sleep. My sandwiches ran out. The temperature was even. I could not be alone - an animal was always bursting in and with a muttered apology was gone. The same with insects. Yet the cool earth was to my taste and up above like madmen life went on. Only once did I return, for some underwear.

There are some music clips on amazon. If you’ve not heard him see what you think and report back. If you have – then enjoy!

The music of Ivor Cutler


Amie said...

ew! bummer! why wasn't i able to open it?! what software does it run to i wonder?

have a happy weekend roger!

Cocaine Jesus said...



is this Rogers site or have I wandered somewhere strange again?


Oh thank god for that.

Hello Roger and thank you for your comments on Ivor Cutler who as you might have guessed is no relation to me although I knew him once in a non biblical sense.


have I?



Have a great weekend chums!!!

michael said...

Its sad that Mr. Cutler is in a home now ( it is rumoured at the Ivor Yahoo group to which i belong) and very frail.

Another good source of files etc. here-

Mystique said...

I hadn't heard of Mr. Cutler until I read your blog.

Roger Stevens said...

He's very British, eccentric, surreal and funny. And... um... odd.

Liam Wilkinson said...

First came to Ivor Cutler when I saw Magical Mystery Tour - he's an overlooked genius. Mind you, I like them that way.

I saw the BBC4 documentary. Wish I'd have been at the last performance. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll see a full and deserved celebration of this man until we lose him.

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