Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Love

I am the warm duvet
Patterned with tulips
Wrapped around
Your sleeping body

I am the cup of tea
Waiting by the clock
I am the tick of the clock
Barely perceived

I am the curtains
Hiding the morning light
The cloud shadows
Sweeping the ocean’s surface

I am the speck of sleep dust
On your eyelid
The moisture
On your lip

I am the sigh
The stretch
The blur of vision
The remnants of fading dream

I am
The first kiss
Of a new together day

Meanwhile - I'm still checking your top fives - see the post before last.
It's been great fun!


Roger Stevens said...

I know... I know... another soppy love poem. Well, Jill comes home on Saturday and I'll be lonesome no more. Glad you all seemed to enjoy the last one.

Anonymous Poet said...
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Anonymous Poet said...

An, "duvet." That word has such a nice ring to it. I hope the object of your affection appreciates your multi-lingual talents. And your extensive knowledge of herbs!

transience said...

i like the metaphor of the duvet. it's so sensorial. you can't beat images like those.

Russell Ragsdale said...

We all enjoy and know that shared sense of another's closeness. You put such great words and literary devices on something we are mostly and most often inarticulate about. Sometimes it take another soppy poem, as you put it, to 'rouse us from silent intuition. Rock on Roger!

Mystique said...

It was just lovely and very soothing!

Amie said...

not brings a nice feeling... a comfortable and dependable kind of love

Cocaine Jesus said...

Amie is right. Not soppy. I love these lines...

I am the sigh
The stretch
The blur of vision
The remnants of fading dream

Roger McGough eat yer heart out.

michael said...

Soppy just means wet doesn't it? Wet is water and water is most of what we are- so soppy is just another word for what we are. 98% sop!

michael said...

Soppy is just another name for wet isn't it? So wet is water and water makes up 60% of the human body. So being soppy is quite natural thing and we are all 60% soppy. Or maybe 60% of us are soppy?

Anyway, another great sopping wet poem Roger!

michael said...

Disregard that first sopping accessment of degrees of soppiness!

Roger Stevens said...

That's just soppy Michael.

Roger Stevens said...

Sorry - I missed out the comma.

That should read -

That's just soppy, Michael.

Cocaine Jesus said...

Ooopps, sorry this must be the wrong sop.

jadedprimadonna said...

Very nice!

Stan said...

Your poems are better with each reading. I'm continually impressed -- no matter what you write about, the poetry triumphs.

Jackal said...

So tender