Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Stormy Afternoon

The thin light
beneath the jungle canopy
The mud where pond worms
swim and squirm
A dusty tomb
The hole in the clay bank
and the badger's tail at dusk

Tales of deception,
revenge and lust
Impenetrable shadows
as you walk across the midnight park
I hope you like my poem
even though it is a little dark


Roger Stevens said...

yes I know - bit of a groany poem. But fresh from my notebook.

Just back from a Damn Right gig. It went very well. We played for two hours and everyone seemed to have a good time. Jill's writing some e-mails so I thought I'd grab some blog time.

We're off to Rome for a few days next weekend and I've a whole string of school events coming up, thanks to World Book Day, so my blogging opportunities will be a bit limited over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile - must see sights in Rome. Any suggestions?

michael said...

You could go to the Roman candle factory? Or go Roman in the gloamin'? I hear it's very nice this time of year with the macaroni blooming and the panani's twittering etc.
Lots on at the Colloseum - gladioli bashing, chariot wasting, feeding lines to the christians etc.

the wheel said...

I love your poem because it's dark. I do tend to be drawn to darker poetry.

Most of your work that I've seen has been playful and fun to read, but it's good to see you take a different angle.

the wheel said...

Oh yeah, and maybe you should do as the Romans do? Wow, that was a bad joke, sorry about that. I couldn't resist. Have fun and drink lots of delicious wine!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Good poem, I like dark, and it reminded me I'd left some blood worm defrosting for the fish.

Jonathan said...

Roger... We were a bit spoiled by Florence by the time we got to Rome... but one place that we liked was Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Piazza della Minerva. Nice murals by Filippino Lippi. Fra Angelico is buried here and Galileo caught hell here for insisting that the earth travels around the sun.
A nice Guinness can be found at The Fiddler's Elbow, via dell'Olmata 43.
Have a great trip.

Syl said...

As the snow here mounts to my eyeballs, "dark" is very appropriate...especially when I think of you & Jill in Rome!
Have a fab trip...and watch out for the "lines" there...I hear they can be quite temperamental!

Stan said...

I don't know about Rome. i've never been off the shores of North America. But I do really like that poem. It's the first humourously dark poem I've ever read, and so well done, and fresh!

Amie said...

coool! Rome! envious---->amie