Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Disappearing School.

I was at a school near Leyton today in East London. Nice school but pretty poor area.
I went by tube. When I arrived at where I thought the school was, according to my map, I discovered it was a different school altogether - a school for special needs. So I asked someone where the school I wanted was. He said, "Sorry, mate. I don't know. I've been away. This is the first time I've been here for three weeks." Hmmm... I thought. Must be a very new school.
Then I asked someone else and they pointed at the special needs school and said - That's it!
No it's not, I said. That's a school for special needs.
I eventually found it even though no one seemed to have heard of it.

Up early in the morning. Off to a school in Guildford.



Jonathan said...

I should think that the special needs kids would have appreciated you very much... I guess they weren't the ones paying you, though. Glad that you found the right place, in the end.

michael said...

I have special needs
I keep them in this box
Along with special weeds
And a thing for mending socks.

Amie said...

you know this might sound funny to you or even crazy but the old ones here in my country especially those who live in the rural areas they have a lot of superstitious beliefs...that if you're lost or you can't find the place that you're looking for all you have to do is take off your shirt and wear it inside out and you'll find the place. ;)

Roger Stevens said...

Well, I visit all sorts of schools - from schools in deprived areas to private schools with lots of money - from very young children to teenagers and adults - from special needs to very academic and articulate. Although the situations are different the children themselves are much the same. I count myself very lucky to do the job I do.

Stan said...

The Disappearing School. I would've loved that as a kid.

"Why are you home already?"

"Well, school's gone today."


bill said...

Perhaps there's a school wandering somewhere, lost?