Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I caught my reflection
On the Northern Line
My face in the glass
The rushing tunnel behind me
And I looked sad

I’ve always looked thoughtful
Serene, even.

As I write this
In the British Library café
I force a smile
In case anyone is watching me
In case I am being written
Into a writer’s notebook
To become a minor character
In a fiction.
Not the sad guy on the underground
But the man with the foolish grin
Glancing suspiciously around.


Amie said...

that is sad. why do we always have to hide behind a smile? and put up a good front... a happy one?

Roger Stevens said...

Yes, that's true. I wasn't feeling sad though. Just thinking about stuff - as you do. Not sad stuff. That's why my sad face took me by surprise.

Boomsa said...

Lovely, Roger.

michael said...

I quite like to hide behind a grimace - or if one isn't available - a lumpen frown.

Syl said...

back and forth...
but sometimes just

Boomsa said...

Chin up, Roger. And age has nothing to do with it. Hugs.

Ostrich said...

Your Poems would make great Folk Songs. They have such a Bob Dylan Quality about them. Very real, very Organic. They have a smell, touch, view, sound, rhythm to them that's very appealing. You have a great eye and the masterful hand of someone's who's been doing this a really long time.

Anonymous said...

A really long time...Those words will certainly change your expression. But I agree, I liked this very much. Kit

Ed Giecek said...

Cool poem Roger! Now who'z this Bob guy Ostrich izz talkin' about? He must be purty derned good...

Ostrich said...

LoL ED! and Kit, i didn't mean it like that. I meant like someone who has a lot of practice.

Roger, time for next post. I keep checking and feeling disappointed when I see 'Reflection'...more, moRE MORE!!!!!!

The Reporter said...

Loved this poem and the Harry Potter one, do you publish these?

Roger Stevens said...

Thanks for the kind words - those who sent me kind words. yes, I have been writing a long time. I hope we get a little better as we age and learn.

Coolcat - I publish a lot of kids' poems - which the Harry Potter one is. The grown-up ones I publish on the blog. Well, I do have one book of adult poems (same title as the blog) and I am putting another one. But it will be a while. So much to do - so little time.

Roger Stevens said...

Spot the missing word.
It's together.

Anonymous said...

I caught my reflection while reading yours, at 5-19 a.m.
it was already sad :(

But "the man with the foolish grin
Glancing suspiciously around"
made me laugh and now i feel my facial muscles are stretching into
a silly grin. it's better than the sad.